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  1. English: Hello !! can someone help me with 1 set of weapons that i need ?? the Request is New set of hero weapons with no hero aura or some crazy color's simple hero weapons and when they are enchanted they take hero aura with the colors of my ENV ! Thnx Greek: Geia sas ! mporeis kaneis na me boithisei me 1 setaki opla pou xriazome ?? auto pou zitaw einai 1 new set apo hero weapons xoris tin aura tous kai xoris kana trelo xroma kai otan ta kanoune + na pernoun tin hero aura me xromma simfona to env pou exw egw !! parakalw apantiste kai euxristw poli
  2. shit server because he can not kill Raid Boss by him self ??? hahahhahahaha ok thnx for your word's ;)
  3. who told you that RB it's for 1 person ??? RB = Raid Boss ... i never saw in other server 1 player solo Raid's ... come on dude ! come to reality !!!! we are one of the most correct server :S and the prices it's very easy with 1 warlord so try farm and dont say this and other and other and change and and and .... blah blah blah ..
  4. join our server and let's have some fun !!! GO and download and let's become BIGER TEAM !!! go go :)
  5. done with the bug !! if fix your char :) you can now re-login
  6. maybe you try make stuck skill ;) and you got auto ban :) our server have big security so try not scum :) sorry but it's auto ....
  7. the server it's Up and we dont like max enchant for alot's of reasons ..... maybe in time we change somethinks but for now it's very good !!! we wait for your arrive :)
  8. Enchant Rate safe 10 max Unlimited :)
  9. We need your help !! please come and join ! Thnx alot !!
  10. L][unlimited Interlude PvP Server Just Open Server Info Rates: 5000(XP) 5000(EXP) 1000(A) Enchant Rates: Safe - Max Weapon = 10 - Unlimited Armor = 10 - Unlimited Jewel = 10 - Unlimited Custom drop zones Siege Every Week Hero Every Week Custom Armors:Apella - Dynasty Custom Weapons: NONE Custom Acessories:Custom Wings Custom Npcs: Buffer,GmShop,Gk Server Site www.l2unlimited.ucoz.com ====> Join Now