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  1. ◄For the first time in a long time, Hunter Reincarnation ► L2-Hunter.com Something new long-forgotten old Server start June 15 at 18:00 GMT +3 (Friday) Web Site: https://l2-hunter.com/en Forum: https://community.l2-hunter.com Hunter High Five x1000 - Classic PVP/PVE/Craft Exp: x1000 | SP: x1000 | Adena: x500 | Drop: х1 | Spoil: х30 | Quest Reward: x5 | Quest Items: x5 | Epaulettes: x30 | RaidBoss: х1 Basic: Certification without a quest Full auto-learning of class skills including 81+ 36/16 slots for buffs, action time 1 hour Chance Craft Master Work 15%