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  1. Whit the new sources no more problems tnx for your time :D:D
  2. Oki tnx !! and for the mercadopago option ? any chance to add ? here the api web https://www.mercadopago.com.ar/developers/en
  3. Congrats for the work, one question any chance to add Spanish language and donate option with mercadopago this is common option in latinamerica Tnx !!
  4. I bring a simple echo my code to exclude items of autoloot Sorry for my English using google translator :$ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Les traigo un codigo simple echo por mi para excluir items del autoloot Perdon por mi ingles use google translator gameserver/model/actor/L2Attackable.java if (item != null) { // Check if the autoLoot mode is active if ((isRaid() && Config.AUTO_LOOT_RAID) || (!isRaid() && Config.AUTO_LOOT)) + if (Arrays.binarySearch(Config.AUTO_LOOT_LIST_EXCLUDE_ITEMS, item.getId()
  5. Hello everyone, i need help with my source. The problem is that the summon and the pet on spawn doesnt follow the owner. Video example: www.youtube.com/embed/4O78jQd8dbA I have Epilogue l2jscripts and L2nextgen packs source but it happen the same in both Tnx