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  1. Nice . May be show more info : Enchant level of Item :D . im using .wipeme voicecommand with destroyAllitems();
  2. Remove summon skill, increase Str, Dex, Con Add some special skill like Ultimate Evasion, Dash .... i think will special and fun
  3. There are many free hosting services on the network but does not have a high capacity and speed to match the practice of creative research website. And especially the students, the more students free as possible, because the majority of you only practice, or site for the class, or the school site, the site ... team. I have used free of Hostinger.vn dungthu hosting package and found that the service call is also unacceptable is, when compared to the capacity and speed is so delicious peach branches abroad though it is hosting. Hostinger free pack of 2GB and 100GB bandwidth, unlimited number of
  4. do you want update all category (sweep,adena,special item drop) so but dont change drop?
  5. Can wrong on user.java on voicecomandhandlers, please check again if you have modify its
  6. you can use : + activeChar.sendMessage("THE BLESSED ENCHANT FAILED!"); + if (item.getEnchantLevel() >= 10) + { + activeChar.sendMessage("The enchant value of the item became decreases by 1."); + item.setEnchantLevel(item.getEnchantLevel() - Rnd.get(2,4)); + item.updateDatabase(); + activeChar.sendPacket(new EnchantResult(3, 0, 0)); + } + if (item.getEnchantLevel() < 10) + { + ac
  7. Server High Five Land of Dreams will run with the official rate as follows: website : http://l2landofdreams.com XP Rate: 688x Rate Sp: 688x Adena Rate: 688x Drop Rate: 1x Rate enchant 66%. Fail to level 0 Bless enchant 66%. Fail enchant is -1 point. Safe enchant 6. Slot 30 + 4 slot Buff Divine Inprision Dance Sing slot 16. Buff time permanently. Buff NPC scheme. Nobless NPC. GMSHOP NPC. NPC Services Subclass without quest. Studies do not need skill sub quest. Quick Healing Potion: 30 seconds in a time delay 435HP. Start level 76. Subcla