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  1. 'Connection problem or verification server is down.' Anyone know why i get this error ?
  2. Hello folks wanted to ask if it's possible to share with me the achievement engine! thank you!!
  3. LvL30 Acc With 88RP / 2132 IP Previous Season Gold! Champs Unclocked : Ahri,Annie,Ashe,Draven,Fizz,Garen,Jax,Jayce,Katarina,LeBlanc,Lee Sin,Master Yi,Nunu,Poppy,Riven,Ryze,Sivir,Soraka,Tristana,Warwick,Yasuo,Zed Champ Skins: Jax: The Mighty Jax Draven: Soul Reaver Draven Pm Me here! PS: Sorry if in the wrong section but i putted here cause want to trade for lineage product!
  4. searching for olympiad server only thanks :)
  5. When is the server opening ?
  6. Hello and nice work but i got an error on hi5 client, any solutions??
  7. Aha will try mate!! thank you very much appretiate it :) hope i'll figure it out :) have a nice day!
  8. so i should do it on html and not on script right? or still i need to create a script ?