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  1. I can only see a lot of hypocrisy, all of you make money from this game. @Designatix why you charge 85 euros / 7 days for a banner on this forum (the price I offer in my website with more traffic that have this forum) ? because you like to help other for free? @Celestine I understand your attitude is about L2Nora. Also @Designatix this guy is your friend or "is you" and is normal your attitude... peace!
  2. If you are not his second account then why is making so many copy of our website? because is not a "money hungry", ? Is having l2network.eu, l2top.gr and now mmotop.eu and many others fail websites . Did you find something free in this world? paper that you use to wipe your ass, is free? water you drink, is free? So stop being ass kissers ....
  3. Because is to s...d to come with his own Idea...