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  1. Check this replay to one of this promoting topics from this forum then check this 2 images. L2eliot, L2zariche and Ignite are @Pigasos-Dev servers L2remastered is not using any vote system and on his website have 6k votes and his own projects have 5k votes. I really don't understand why the rest of the servers using this website where owner @Pigasos-Dev adding votes like he want for his servers. This proves what character this guy has. Buy ads on l2top.co and l2top.net to help this guy keep his google ads with l2topzone denigration This will be the only intervention on this topic. I will let this guy 200 fake accounts to replay on his own topic. Take care of yourself and keep yourself safe!
  2. @Pigasos-Dev all the data thrown here are irrelevant without a period of time for identification (in our statistics all your ads have more that 100 visitors /day) , you can easily edit this in photoshop and put any value you want, especially since you are known as a strange character who sells files worked by others and other strange things you are doing, like spamming with emails even if person are unsubscribed from your mail list and so on.... And if you continue to buy our services its mean this is huge lie and all this is because I have not let you, add as many servers you want without rules. @l2madws the amount of money you have send us, was converted in ads for your server in period you have using vote boot services to be in the first place when other servers vote correctly to be there. You prefer to pay some one to cheat our system instead of buying ads or not buying ads and assume the results. Have a greet l2 community
  3. "I'm not the owner of l2top.co and l2top.net :)" They are yours, I know the info from l2age the previous owner that try to sell us this websites. "And the best topsite untl now in worldwide range is l2top.ru and l2hopzone.Stop complaining for what i said and let me do my job." That why you buy ads for all your project in our website? That why you open and close server every 2 weeks because your advertising services are so good? And I'm not complains, just told my opinion about your "Guru services" :) . It is forbidden?
  4. So basically all top sites are trash, only yours l2top.co and l2top.net are the best because have 100 users /day. Sounds legit....
  5. Screen attached say the reason why got disabled.
  6. I can only see a lot of hypocrisy, all of you make money from this game. @Designatix why you charge 85 euros / 7 days for a banner on this forum (the price I offer in my website with more traffic that have this forum) ? because you like to help other for free? @Celestine I understand your attitude is about L2Nora. Also @Designatix this guy is your friend or "is you" and is normal your attitude... peace!
  7. If you are not his second account then why is making so many copy of our website? because is not a "money hungry", ? Is having l2network.eu, l2top.gr and now mmotop.eu and many others fail websites . Did you find something free in this world? paper that you use to wipe your ass, is free? water you drink, is free? So stop being ass kissers ....
  8. Because is to s...d to come with his own Idea...
  9. Hello, the error is found in the second line of your error... java.io.IOException: Server returned HTTP response code: 403 for URL: https://api.l2topzon...p= Contact xzone on l2topzone.com and you will solve the problem. PS. problem was already solved. Topic can be close
  10. You server was remove from our website because you also removed our vote code from your junk website, as rules say "9. Main condition for approval on l2topzone.com is our vote code. This code must be added on your website in a visible location..REMOVAL of the L2topzone vote code will remove your site from the list." So can you please tell me why you are crying in this forum?
  11. Hmm one server escaped from disable... l2Gold.us.... gold like servers will never be seen again in l2topzone.com
  12. l2gold.cc/l2gold.co/l2gold.org/l2gold.shit/l2avelan.com/l2network.... is the same ..... They have used auto facebook like script on l2network to make 59k likes... basically each visitor that vote in that miserable site was transformed in Like for his miserable page, then use that page to promote project like l2gold.cc and the rest of them. WEEK UP :happyforever: :happyforever: :happyforever:
  13. Did you try our vote reward system ? https://l2topzone.com/forum/l2-server-support-and-problems/9/vote-reward-system-for-l2jacis-and-l2jfrozen/26737/