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  1. After 4 days in a 4k player online the top pvp got only 240 pvp????????????? WHAT THE FUCK HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH 1st day of l2 sublimity(4k real players), l2 alucard(1k), l2 dex(4k real players), l2 mid( 3k real players) got the 1st day 300++ pvps.... please, this server got... 300 players? ayy lmao!!
  2. Its l2 mid... they only want the money
  3. 750 mbits is a big ddos? hahahahahha, funny. Today with bandwitch of 1 gbps in the most of the datacenters... 750 mbps ddos is a bullshit. With a decent ddos service, this attack will bring only lag to the server...
  4. The topic says... -> [L2Off] L2Dex But in the website, if you click in info -> Server info... Our difference from most all servers L2 DEX and their partners are running software under GPLv3 licence (details : http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html, )source code running Interlude, High Five, C4, GODDESS OF DESTRUCTION -Glory Days Chronicle,. We DO NOT take any fee for registration! Using cheats = direct ban at login ; so don't try! if click in soruce code i got redirect to... l2jserver :rage: :rage: