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  1. Hi @Raws, I am very happy to see that there's people that hold PlayINERA to such high esteem in terms of the quality we provide so much so as to suspect a project such as L2Etina to be our work. :) However, there are a number of major details that clearly differentiate ANY server from PlayINERA: - Even more complex UIs (both in terms of design and functionality) - No third-party antibot modules that are publicly available - Proper English (be it on the client, website, official posts etc.) - Promotional videos are voiced exclusively by me (with the exception of
  2. Try this one: https://mega.nz/file/6Y4RDIgC#2jHRT6r84Jyd3Y3LT8eOSi9QDqMbJ2e6wHKaId5c44I
  3. Greetings everyone! In light of the holiday season, we have prepared a slew of changes for you! This includes the update to Gracia Epilogue! Click on the icons below to learn more about all upcoming changes! More information regarding the server maintenance to apply these changes will follow soon!
  4. Thank you so much for your honest feedback, everyone! Rest assured that we are taking your constructive criticism into account and we'll do our best to improve even more! Here's a quick slideshow with a few screenshots from Vanilla: Join in on the fun! Website: http://vanilla.playinera.com Discord: https://bit.ly/30MRpHm @Celestine Please, move our topic to the live section. :)
  5. Indeed, our latest iteration of the Bloodlust project was not as successful as we would have liked it to be. Ray and I tried to salvage it as best as we could, but unfortunately that did not suffice. Vice has been the 'mastermind' behind the PlayINERA project ever since its inception and all decisions lied in his hands. However, he retired 3 months ago and has since passed PlayINERA onto Ray and myself. Technically, this is a different iteration of PlayINERA as it is now running under a different management. We hope that this time we'll be able to change the
  6. -L2PV is an alternative method, however I'm not sure whether it'd work with pre-CT clients. Last resort would be using IDA to disassemble engine.dll and search for the command line arguments available. I could give that a shot for you if you provide me with the engine.dll file.
  7. Bloodlust x1000 is now LIVE! Enjoy! Join our Discord: https://discord.com/invite/TnkeBkm Download our updater: http://bloodlust.playinera.com/connect/ @Celestine : please move this to the Live Servers section
  8. @Dev Indeed, we are using the Gracia Epilogue client. However, it has been manually downgraded to Gracia Final (i.e.: skill, NPC, map, item data etc.). The same applies to the server. Regarding balance, since everyone has a different opinion on what's balanced, we have created the Ability Tree which offers a selection of defensive bonuses. Players are free to choose the ones that think will help them defend themselves better. When it comes to our videos, we do not like to regurgitate existing ones. The promotional video featuring the Spectral Dancer preparing for an Oly
  9. Prologue Greetings everyone! As you may all know, Bloodlust has had its fair share of issues related to its base setup. These issues resulted in a drop in population. Since launch, we have been closely monitoring everyone's feedback and we did implement a few changes. However, these do not suffice. We want to transform Bloodlust into what it was meant to be. A fun, PvP-packed server. What's Going to Happen? As there's going to be a lot of changes coming our way, the server will have to be temporarily brought down while we work on the upcoming changes. As such, the server wi
  10. Thank you for your kind words, @JohnBoy13! :) Brooch Jewels are the same as the ones found on retail, however we have implemented only a few select ones for now. Brooches are essentially the same, albeit with different names and icons and cannot be augmented. A full list of the Brooch Jewels we have implemented can be found here. Hope this helps! :)
  11. This is both hilarious and flattering at the same time. Glad to see that people appreciate our original concepts so much so as to imitate them. :)
  12. Off-topic, but I am really flattered to see that people like my Ability Tree. :) Do note that it is 100% UI based and it would be literally impossible to pull off with HTML given its design. Anyhoo!
  13. Our customisations to the game are mostly comprised of additions, not replacements, all of which can be found here. With the exception of the monsters found in the Blood Royale event, we have not added any other custom monsters to the game. We haven't had any reports regarding specifically the monsters Seed of Destruction, however, we will check them just in case there are some monsters that aren't in line with retail data. As far as wiping goes, yes, 'Season 1' shut down last year due to lack of activity. Revamped (a.k.a Season 2) went live about four months ago and we
  14. Thank you for your encouraging words. :) The System Message Editor is a standalone client feature that does not interact with the sever. Players can define 'schemes' and customise the colours as well as the messages. The client generates an ini file which can then be shared with other players. The only limitation is that it is impossible to edit messages with more than two variables ($1, $c2) due to the fact that the programming language is quite limited. Hope this helps. :)