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  1. Off-topic, but I am really flattered to see that people like my Ability Tree. :) Do note that it is 100% UI based and it would be literally impossible to pull off with HTML given its design. Anyhoo!
  2. Our customisations to the game are mostly comprised of additions, not replacements, all of which can be found here. With the exception of the monsters found in the Blood Royale event, we have not added any other custom monsters to the game. We haven't had any reports regarding specifically the monsters Seed of Destruction, however, we will check them just in case there are some monsters that aren't in line with retail data. As far as wiping goes, yes, 'Season 1' shut down last year due to lack of activity. Revamped (a.k.a Season 2) went live about four months ago and we have no plans of wiping/shutting it down any time soon. I don't see where you got the 'wipe/shutdown every year thing' from. :)
  3. Thank you for your encouraging words. :) The System Message Editor is a standalone client feature that does not interact with the sever. Players can define 'schemes' and customise the colours as well as the messages. The client generates an ini file which can then be shared with other players. The only limitation is that it is impossible to edit messages with more than two variables ($1, $c2) due to the fact that the programming language is quite limited. Hope this helps. :)
  4. Thank you for your kind words, sepultribe. :) We are using the Gracia Epilogue client. All UI & client modifications/additions were made by me from scratch. The Ability Window was one of the most complex additions and took a lot of brainstorming in order to make it look and function just like an 'ability tree' should function. :)
  5. I know, I just chose to trigger it using a packet since I was feeling a bit lazy at the time I made it. :P Note that I made this when I first started messing around with UnrealScript. I have evolved significantly since then (which you will be able to see for yourself through the new system that we will be revealing very soon on PlayINERA). :) Cheap or not, it does what it's intended to do. :) By all means, however, if you have implemented this system in a more 'posh' way only using UnrealScript, you're welcome to showcase it.
  6. They'd have to figure out the server-side bit too, though. :P
  7. We did not have a 'classic' interface. All modifications were made using the client's native interface (Gracia Epilogue). The On-Screen Damage function I made displays damage received/done in a static position on the screen. I guess L2Scripts have made some sort of DLL hook that can translate world coordinates to screen coordinates and just call the 'draw' function (I can't recall the exact name of the function atm) to display the text. I'm all about things looking pretty, so I made sure my implementation was as GoD-like as possible, whereas L2Scripts mainly focused on getting the positioning right. In any case, I don't think anyone would share this.
  8. I'm not an L2OFF developer, but I have done some looking around and I cannot find anything regarding the loot confirmation window within the interface. Also, apparently the party invitation window isn't handled via the interface either. So, I guess both windows are hardcoded within NWindow.dll. ExAskModifyLooting is the packet you're looking for. Hope this helps.
  9. Just wanted to chip in and mention the following: The Lineage II User Agreement which @Elfocrash quoted above only applies to those who have explicitly agreed to it (i.e.: clicked on the 'I Accept' button when presented with the EULA). So, unless one has an active NCSoft account, the EULA does not apply to them. Now, this obviously doesn't mean that NCSoft won't go after those who infringe their copyrighted work. They have every right to do so. The question, however, is... will they even bother? Last time they bothered they took down a fair number of GitHub repositories hosting L2j & fork sources.
  10. The PCCafeEventWnd is toggled by a server packet. What you can do is change the name of the script associated with it to 'undefined'. Some random name should work too, but I am not sure whether that would cause the crash the client as the window will probably by trying to attach itself to a non-existent script. You can try both solutions though. This is what you need to change:
  11. This is because the default positions of these two windows are hardcoded into the interface script file. OptionWnd.uc, OnTimer function. You have to decompile, modify and recompile interface.u.
  12. You'll get there. Just be patient and persistent. :) Bonne chance!
  13. That's weird. I've never had any issues assigning different default window positions. Can you give me the name of one of the windows so I can check?
  14. Does that affect all of the windows whose original positions you have changed or is it a few specific ones?
  15. You need to modify the default positions under the 'wndDefPos' tab.