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  1. Locked. I am following orders.
  2. Can you fix his code or not? He paid for the full code. As he said there is no scam here. I am waiting for an answer.
  3. Title fixed & moved to Previews since its not online yet. Good Luck.
  4. True . All ip are the same . Banned
  5. Refund is on the way. Let me know if something goes wrong.
  6. So did he make the refund or not?
  7. My bad since its a question for client move to client dev help
  8. I tired of those things. C'mon guys you must be stupid to buy things from guys without reviews . We are not police officers here. Anyway as @DukeAwesome said post here some proofs.
  9. So what I am supposed to do? I didnt even understand your language.
  10. Glad to see you there . Trusted. Good luck with your sales.
  11. Are you suspended with your main account? This is your chance to get it back. Pm me(Justice) or reply here with your request. Application Form(an example): Member Name: Justice Ban Reason : Bad Behavior Why you deserve to be unbanned?: Because ________________ . Note: 1. The most important. You have to be approved at least from 3 Global Moderators. 2. This does not include scammers. 3. Do not start spamming on this topic. I wont allow that . Unban List: 1.GSL 2.Icarus Dev 3.Tectonic
  12. We need this proofs . Post them here or on Report Section.
  13. 4. Names? 5. You know nothing. 6. About this all I have to say is that this ad is annoying true. About marketplace now. In order to see the board you must have at least 10 posts.
  14. Hello guys once again. We need you in order to fill some positions. What exactly do we need? We need a fresh start and people with new ideas. Also we need people who is willing to make shares and help others to solve their problems too. How you can apply? You can sent the following application to ME(Justice), Designatix, Fanky, Celestine via PM. Application Form: Your forum name. Your age. The position. Your experiences. How many hours are you going to spend here. What MxC needs: (2)Gaming Moderators,
  15. Emoquit. both of them.
  16. Hello, It's me ! (kidding) @scraw Double or triple posts/replies are not allowed . Please read the forum rules. You can use your edit button. Thanks.
  17. This is from the Section Rules: Use it at your own risk. MaxCheaters and its staff have no responsibility if you get scammed with your trades. Trading with Staff members is far more trustworthy for the record. As you know we cant check every single member if he is a scammer or not. You must be foolish if you wanna buy something from someone that has 1 post here even if he is vip or not. You should do some research. Eg. Its like you want to buy something on skroutz and you bought it from the shop that has bad reputation or zero. @Nightw0lf I dont like yo