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  1. Looking to buy the following items on Naia . Eternal Leather Set PVP or PVE +10 R99 Dual Daggers +12 or more Blessed Antharas Blessed Lindviour
  2. I am looking to buy items / Adena and LVL 99 Chars on NAIA Items i have interest in . 7s Talisman Abundance LvL 4 Blessed Antharas / Valakas , Tauti , Earth Wyrm , Lindvior +10 normal or PVP Eternal LA Set Adena I buy adena in bulk .. minimum 10b ... max 50b > if your price is good .. we will discuss pricing . LvL 99 Chars Interest I am looking for chars that are on separat accounts and not 2 3 LVL 99 on same account. I am interested in 3 classes . Wyn Summoner ISS Ertheia Mage Prices will be discussed in private / skype ... NOTE NOTE NOTE NOTE Scammers beware ... you
  3. next time choose to deal with professionals ... i recomand L2 Scripts .
  4. Hello dear maxcheaters .. it seems it has happend again . There is no such thing as professionalism in the world anymore . I present to you 2 scums of the earth in this Raport . 1 of them is LightFusion I talked to this man to provide a preview for some armors and weapons .. i wanted to buy some unique work and he said he would do it for the right price . Anyway ... as all kids this days he was geting to cocky and refused to do the 1 preview i asked him to do . For short i did not gave him the work and assigned another for it . 2 the name is MrSmi5tt i don't know if he has an account he
  5. As the title say's ... i am looking for a dedicated client dev to make some custom armors and weapons , ofc not for free .. portfolio or recent work requested . Details will be discussed in skype . Leave your links or work in this topic .. if i find it to my liking i will contact you .. random PM's will not be responded to .
  6. Let me help you say what you really wanted to say . " who cares still most FAKE populated eu mid rate "
  7. I have played here and tested .. i don't know about corruption ... but if more then a few ppl say it there .. it there , i was jailed for no aparent reason and when i asked why .. i got banned , i was asked to pay 300 euro to be unbanned .. cause i had very good items and for witch i did not donate 1 single euro . I have gotten to the conclusion this server is made for profit and not thought for the well being of the community or the game , L2tales is a business plane and simple . However ... nobody is forcing anyone to join this server , if you don't like it .. simply ignore it and do not
  8. I am looking for a developer to create 2 Unique Armor Sets and 2 Unique Weapon Sets . Keep in mind i do not need colored vesper shit witch i can do myself . If you are skilled and are looking to make some $ in your spare time .. send me a message containing some of your work ( pics ) And we will discuss further from there .
  9. Ty for this great share , it is very usefull if you put your mind around it :D
  10. AMD in general gets more hoter and much faster . If had this problem in the past .. even had 3 processors get burned bad , after i switched to Intel .. that problem disapeared , i got a i7 quad on my desktop , and a i5 on my laptop , i will never switch back to AMD , as for the answer .. since the begining of time .. AMD has had a heating problem .
  11. The web was supposed to be 3 websites from 0 design and code .. he failed to give the developer the information. The developer was surprised when i told him and asked wtf ? Cause the price he gave him was for 1 design and code . Anyway ... be carefull when you are dealing with this individual.
  12. Stathnfo aka owner of hostchefs.eu is a decieving money hungry little shit . He has developers who work for him ... the developers tell him a price and ofc he +++++ that price and when he's little secret does not hold and the developer leaves his company . The next bit is interesting . I have payed a part of the price for witch i did not receive a single file from the website i payed more then half the $. Now that i refused to pay him cause his developer left and does not work for him anymore .. he threats to sue . So my dear maxcheaters .. be carefull when your dealing with this money h
  13. Good luck girls ! But still tagg Girls ? What's that all about ?