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  1. new challange with new client after l2g.in
  2. on some servers you cant change system files so i cant use this patch there is a any ways to solve this?
  3. how i cant solve this error?? https://prnt.sc/kcyctp
  4. how i cant solve this error?? https://prnt.sc/kcyctp
  5. Cloaks Players from each faction can purchase a Glorious Cloak cloak for 3,000 adena at the armor store. It is a personal item, so it can not be transferred. When a cloak is worn on a character, it gives the owner additional characteristics: 2% CP / HP / MP + 1% Physical Protection + 2% Magical. Protection + 1% Resistance to all weapons +5 Chance P. Def. and the Magician. Crete. attacks + 1% Reflection of damage
  6. The period of the Olympiad is 1 week . The Olympics will be launched from the start of the server . Anyone who wants to take part , who has 2 professions and above 55 levels. To participate in the Olympics, no additional tasks are required. Registration for the Olympics is possible through the NPC Olympiad Manager in any city from 20.00 to 23.40 . After teleporting to the arena, players are given 1 minute of preparation, which includes the imposition of 5 positive effects through the NPC that is in the room. The character who received the Hero status receives an additional 300 points of the O
  7. OPENING March 16, 2018 at 20:00 MSK
  8. Below are listed almost all the changes that were made to the server during the Closed Beta Testing . The topic can be supplemented as far as possible. List of changes: Removed: the weight of the quest items and portals is removed; removed SA, standard runes for classic Runes were added; removed accessories that were incorrectly displayed on the head of the characters; removed the possibility of sharpening the improved epic bijouterie, removed the grade; removed the ability to interact with enemies through Ctrl; Removed malaria and other de-buffs from monsters in Hot Springs; from pair bla
  9. OBT UPDATES Dear players! This topic will publish all the changes that are made during the work of the MBT. During the Open Beta Testing work all your comments were taken into account and the following changes were made: Removed: Removed weapons, costume jewelery and S grade armor, now the maximum grade of armor is A grade; Removed epic bosses Valakas, Antharas and Frintezza, instead of them will be repeated the remaining bosses; The cost of consumables has been removed, now they are free; Removed unnecessary items from the chests obtained by fishing; Removed minnyen who somehow appe
  10. Dear players! This topic describes all the key points that are implemented in the update Glory World 2.0 , as well as the basic concept of the server. The server's opening date is the second half of February. The start date of the Open Beta Testing is February 9, 2013 at 20:00 Moscow time / 19:00 Kiev. Files for access to the server will be published a few hours before the testing begins. We have prepared the most interesting GvE concept modification based on the Classic 2.0 client so that players in 2018 spent time not for the endless killing of monsters and waiting for an event for many
  11. Time Server, Site and Forum - GMT -3 Duration of the Buffs, Dances and Songs - 5 hours Maximum Buffs Slots - 48 Chance Minimum Debuffs - 10% Chance Maximum Debuffs - 90% Olympiads Max Enchant -. 25 Geodata and Pathnodes - Yes Sub-Class Quest - Not Sub-Class Maximum Level - 85 Master Class - Yes Auto Learn Skills - Yes Auto Learn Loot - Yes Rates Experience (EXP) - 500x Skill Points (SP) - 500x Adena - 500x Drop Items - 1x Enchants Safe Enchant - 5 Max Enchant - 25 Blessed Scroll chance 100% Brutal Scroll chance 70% and not crystallizes Gold Scroll chance - 100/30% Cha
  12. why i should pay if its shared alrdy for free ? LOL