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  1. i think, if possible decompile launcher.exe for see source of download?
  2. 1- add more virtual memory in boot.ini, 2- and put more memory ram in you machine type : if > 5 GB ... 3- lets 2 hds in raid sata II . 4- delete npcs event, merchants, seven signs mobs extras for tests. leaves very slight improvement. enjoy !!!! so rolls.
  3. Does not work perfectly with mssql 2000, error function when passing the scritp and still not gain xp or sp and sp is always -2147483648, can someone help me? Rolls not ..
  4. thks man it´s usefull!!++++ http://www.4shared.com/get/h0h-lAgF/IDAProAdvancedv52FIX-UNiQUE.html
  5. note you is using 0,01% of you weigth.
  6. yes this bug work in l2 java servers, for exemple l2goldsII (inactive) work only if one pet, but put in warehouse do not work.
  7. mistake (error) of admins seem easily see in begin of servers, bug, trick, or mistake,
  8. many class work, others no. dagger elf black work for me.