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  1. it looks like you are being farmed with a two handed fist weapon, and the only thing your crew of betas can do is whine like a wounded owl, telling everyone we are some kind of internet bots or a single person posting in at least 3 different platforms. FUNNY FOOL WITH NO TALENT. I will personally write an autograph in your epitaph, kid At least show a tiny bit of class when defending yourself, damn, you don't make us break a sweat. don't cry too soon, maybe some people will try your server after reading this post, they just have to beat the living hell out of your spanish group of beta males.
  2. this server would be cool, BUT, there's always a downside in most of projects. they need to get rid of the negative spanish administration, because they are the most corrupt people you can ever imagine there's more than one topic in max cheaters/pmfun regarding spanish corruption in L2reborn, same problem happens in ElmoreLab.com https://forum.pmfun.com/viewtopic.php?p=311931 jeez, what a scandal guys i wouldn't like to be in your damn shoes
  3. some errors cannot be fixed, that's something I've learned in this game
  4. LOOKS like not a single person gave a damn about this topic lol but if you are still there, let me tell you that you need to do and achieve some things completely on your own, like a real man and not like an omega who always needs assistance of others; useful tip, watch some olympiad videos, kid
  5. chaotic chronicle for the win interlude is ok gracia epilogue is ok gracia final, hmm so so for me classic is ok H5 is absolute garbo for me, no way in hell I'm playing that
  6. looks like the best time to quit your job and start playing whatever you ever wanted to play, maybe it's a good time to divorce too. the pandemic knows no end, prepare for humanity's extinction, that's what people like boris johnson don't want to say to the public. but yeah, you can always become an olympic athlete and survive the virus and the pandemic
  7. another server that failed hard due too bad opening date and administration
  8. JAVA? classic? this chronicle has no quest afaik x5 not likely to be the best rates for a server like this.
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