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  1. Regarding reputation or bugged files? I can provide both
  2. Hi i want to report Vilmis. He decrease reputation to any members that say their opinion for his project. Is that allowed? Correct me if i am wrong. Also he sells bugged files overpriced. Thats for sure not allowed
  3. In 30 mins i will go to the test server wanna bet that i will find crazy non working retail simple stuff? 1st you arent allowed to decrease reputation because your a vip. Im gonna report you for that and second tell me when u arw available to show you everything
  4. 2021 still people scam with frozen.. its another story to sell a server that used frozen but u extended it and another plain frozen with more customs
  5. We had some issues with mediafire and our link went dead so here is 2 new mirrors https://mega.nz/file/pexGXZyI#ug6hiOL-1S-or8qxefeGWg9RdHboHVy7jIkWccwJvUk Mirror 1 https://www.4shared.com/rar/AqyeP5TViq/L2-Forever_Patch_v11.html Mirror 2 We produce you our new feature, .missions - daily missions are boosting your character everyday to make farming easier and fun! press in game .help and check it out We want to thanks a lot all the beta players! There are a lot of fixes that have been done. The project seems a lot promising. Keep motivating us by become a beta
  6. already got more than 4 🙂 thanks for the efford, still looking for more though, i know less is more but in this situation , more is better haha Bump
  7. contabo is not a good option, ovh is one of the best but www.viasky.co is the best 🙂
  8. then add me on discord i will fix it for you via anydesk #theHypest 2435
  9. isnt it a l2jfrozen with the difference that you pay 50euros ?
  10. import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.memo.PlayerMemo; you propably miss this file!
  11. Hello community Big changelogs https://discord.gg/gPkSp9VH6D previous week! Thanks to all of testers! We also updated our forum design: www.lineage2forever.net/forum Thanks everyone that joins and helps to make this server a stable and enjoyable project! You can still apply for beta tester. We are currently at day 13 of beta! Grand Opening will not be announced any time soon but propably will be at the end of june with middle july! Until then we will keep updating the server and fix as much as possible! We had some issues with mediafire and our link went dead so he
  12. Hello as u may have seen i try to open www.lineage2forever.net ! Everything is set up but i dont plan any fast grand openings. I want to build a trust and show people i will keep a stable server online for long. All i ask is your help. What you can do? Please help me testing , farming time/amounts and stuff so we can keep a stable economy. The server will propably have antibot but you can still bot now till we upgrade the protection in order to help testing and see how fast you can grow gear! If you want please pm me. You will be for surely benefit on the st
  13. thank you, i hope @Spectre. now see that i am a man of my words 🙂