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  1. Anoikse to ssl traxana kai perna t port sto firewall.. des ama t site sou ipostirizi microsoft sql.. an den kalinixta
  2. Forever is a mid rate PvP server, and there fore has some characteristics, such as Rates, NPCs, areas and Drops modified and differentiated. These information are available here: # APRILON DYNASTY RATES * EXP: 35x * Adena: 200x * Spoil: 5x * Drops: 5x * Autolearn Skills # ENCHANTS *Safe Enchant : 3 *Max. Enchant : 20 *Normal Scroll chance : 65% *Blessed Scroll chance : 65% # NEW PLAYERS * Start with Coupons allowing you to get free top D-grade * Start at level 20 * Main Town Giran Harbor # BOOSTED AREA'S * Execution Grounds [ 20 - 40] * Cruma Tower [40-52] * Antharas Lair [52-61] * Antharas Heart [61-80] * Giran Harbor - Shopping Area # END GAME FARMING AREAS * Monastery of Silence and Primeval Island customized for group farm # PLATINUM ARMORS * Platinum Armors get dropped by raids, allowing everyone to obtain a set and not only donators * Many Raids all over the L2 world drop parts of the Platinum Armors # BUFFS * Buff duration is set at 2 hour for normal buffs (Buffs and Songs / Dances) * Town Buffers in all main towns with all available buffs # FOREVER ITEMS * Unique Forever weapons & armors # UNIQUE L2 FOREVER AUGMENTATION SYSTEM * We don't use retail augmentations, we use our own unique system and glows! # OTHER CUSTOM FEATURES * Global Gatekeeper * NPC Class Changer * Auction House * Unique Augmenter * Subclass with Adena or from Cabrio * Nobless - Barakiel * Useless S weapon Special abilities like (Cheap shot) are changed # CASTLE SIEGE Owning Aden - 30% Drop Rate / 10% more Enchant Rate / 30% Exp/Sp Rate Owning Giran 30% Drop Rate/Exp/SP Rate Owning Rune 30% Drop Rate/Exp/SP Rate # EPIC BOSSES * Valakas 22:30 GMT + 2 Moscow Time - Sundays * Antharas 22:30 GMT + 2 Moscow Time - Saturdays * Baium 22:30 GMT + 2 Moscow Time - Tuesdays - Thursdays * Frintezza 21:30 GMT + 2 Moscow Time - Mondays - Wednesdays * Zaken 23:30 GMT + 2 Moscow Time - Wednesdays - Fridays * Core 20:30 GMT + 2 Moscow Time - Everyday * Orfen 19:30 GMT + 2 Moscow Time - Everyday * Queen 23:30 GMT + 2 Moscow Time - Everyday pm me , the price for files is 50E and u get free updates from me
  3. nothing is done yet we are creating the idea for now!
  4. it is just on the making we try to see suggestions and stuff
  5. Rates are setted x2 Spoil x2 Drop x2 Raidboss drop x1 Safe 3 Max 16 Rates Retail like Augmentation retail like Autolearn Skills No GM Shop No Teleporter No Buffer No mana potions PcBang points NPC giving you shadow weapons until Grade B Service Merchant shows you Raidboss status Retail Like Quest system ( no boosted quests) 1 window per ip/hwid Raidboss Spawn times retail like Custom accessories obtained by vote No donations and pay to win Auction House only with Adena Olympiad Monthly Sieges every saturday and sunday Voiced commands: .menu Thats what we have at the moment we are waiting for your suggestions in order to go further Files are really good and stable. We guarantee a pretty much retail alike touch with constant updates!
  6. GitHub - Thordekk/Legends: Legends is a League of Legends 4.20 gameserver prototype. Written in C# .NET Framework 4.7 using NoSQL and NetCS as networking library thank me later, +1 karma plix
  7. L2Forever is still online with 26-30 players on steady and stable
  8. up, next, this guy hard to communicate with !! ASAP Up someone asap like pretty please instant payment
  9. Wtb client dev that can make my interlude patch into secret of empires ( my custom items/skills/mobs)
  10. Today 20:00 Greek Time we will be live!
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