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  1. Hello , i need people that played that server , if staff is also here and see that please contact me 🙂 i got good C6 l2off files and got the knowledge to make something similar with new tweaks 🙂
  2. Anyone might have L2Revenge server ( old c5) patch system?
  3. Hypest


    I think its for the majority of your comments mate. For me i enjoy reading.. unfortunately for some others might not
  4. 1st : www.l2atiesh.com L2OFF based on vangath and fixed from a well known developer , spend over 800 euros believe it or not i got all the proofs you need you can test i sell everything including the machine that is hosted that runs until novemember ( 150) including web/acp and everything 2nd: www.lineage2forever.net you can test the server is still online! i sell only files for ( 60 euro) my discord is Hypest#2435
  5. loop the question and propably you will see how xd
  6. i do see no changes, propably my visibility is gone?
  7. Hypest

    GR Covid Vaccine

    νο χατινγκ αλλα πρεπει να ειναι τρολλ αυτο, αν δεν ειναι ... τοτε ειναι οτι πιο ηλιθιο εχω διαβασει