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  1. Hello boys! Im selling some good stuff on raidfight Armors: S grade sets : Draco / Ma / IC+3 / IC +6 A grade sets : Tallum heavy / Dark crystal / MJ robe / MJ light / MJ heavy Weapons: S grade weapons : Draconic bow+f+3/+4/+5 / Arcana mace+acu+3/4 / Heaven divider+3 x2 ADENA stock 1.5kkk at the moment. 100kk price - 8euro Characters: Warcryer 80(nobless) Elven elder 78(nobless)/Destroyer 78(nobless)/Prophet 79(nobless)Bladedancer 78(nobless)Cat 79(nobless)/Swordsinger 78(nobless)/Bishop 79(nobless)/Spoiler 70/Warsmith 76(nobless) Epics: AQ / Zaken / Baium / Frintezza Everyone who buy get a gift :) Contact me here or discord Neras#0478
  2. Lineage2 start in 2003, people want smth new, its 2020. Maybe one day we have smth like lineage with VR glasses :D
  3. Lineage2 old school is best what u can choose atm..
  4. L2off for retail server features, but harder to code it than java. So many servers and people who create it without good knowledge of coding choose java.
  5. i prefer Soulhound female, nice on pvp/also olympiad
  6. You should make a lessors for others. Nice play