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  1. I wouldn't bother answer to this troll topic but when people write sense post i can't avoid it. The problem doing freelance in our days is that even in PP you hardly can prove that you did something. 99% of people log in other's PC via TV/Anydesk or give him a .diff. Now if client claim that code is not working or the developer did not finish the job how any mod or any agent in PP can confirm this. Simply he can't. So we must see the things from a objective perspective. Why would i like to ruin my "reputation" for some bucks when daily i have clients who pay me e
  2. Can you be my friend? I need a friend who will protect me against this bad staff and advice me. Should i lower my prices? I charge 300E for a vote system & 750E for a killing spree. You think i should lower the price? Thanks for your feedback.
  3. Yes, i am racist, i'm bad person, everyone is disappointed on me. my clients report me every 5 days (not weekly as being said) and everyone in this forum is beautiful! (Including the staff of course)
  4. Thats something only maxtor, celestine, sweets may do. No random L2 mod who can Control + C the code. No offense but i don't know you, neither you're in a trusted position. Thanks for your answer anyway
  5. And? Did i say no to any of your code? Did you request a code and i said "give me 50e" ? Call me liar as much you want. I won't argue with you anymore. You got problems in real life and i respect your attitude that come out this way. At least next dev u work with i hope u keep ur humanity and appreciate what he do for you no just keep history to attack him the first second you find That what snakes do. No people
  6. Take care of me why? I did my work just fine. You paid 350e 1 year ago. Since the codes i made you didn't go up to that amount why you paid me again 2 months ago via bank account? Cause as i remember i finished your codes (list) and then in the end you told me "what i own to you" am i right? Why since u were "sad" with me u kept working with me? And now u revert back to 2018 almost for an amount of code i didn't make you? How is that even possible? Stop the nonsense. You paid me for codes that worth more than money you paid. You no appreciate anything at all neither the detail i worked with ne
  7. Call Celestine or someone to enter in my PC view the code and compare. If the code is 5% same ban me instantly. @Celestine May i ask if you're in mood to check my code? Just a quick view and compare to Rizel
  8. I never ignored him. + Since when you know greek?
  9. No code i ever made is copied by anyone. If someone think i lie please post the whole achievement system and let's examine it. All the codes i made were from scratch.
  10. Why take his money back? How do you know what work i've done for him? You just comment here because you don't like me. I've done the codes he ask (delay or no delay) i made the codes. He opened his server. Now in his head i own him 200e. About community board he didn't mention a thing 8 months now. If he had problem why he kept paying me for new list? The Achievement system i made for him with the extra addons he asked easily go up to 200+ euro right now. And sometimes he ask for extra code that i didn't charge him, but i was kind and make it the way he like. He is demanding client and i made
  11. Thanks to Brut who stole 200e from Dimi and lied that he gave em back to Dimi while Dimis said that he didn't and he had to open dispute and win. Right. Whatever you guys aint change. You got your codes. You got your topic now u happy.
  12. What's the point? You paid for the codes, you received your codes. I'm doing java codes for you 1 year now and whenever you asked for any small code (addon) i didn't ask for money. Now all of sudden i own you money? You won't find any other better than me to do the stuff you asked. Nobody would work with such detail. Be sure of that. Show the codes i made for you :) And let's see who own money to who So basically you have no proof. I made all the coded you asked, you just try present me as a bad person. Even the achievement system you show i made it fo
  13. None is good. H5 Projects that are 15 years old struggle to make a "decent" gameplay and you guys aim for +30 chronicle later that were released few weeks ago. So forget the idea of classic star wars & lord of the rings chronicle that NCsoft recycle every 10 days as if it is Call of duty series and aim for something older. You have a budget & some nice idea? Good. You don't have a budget neither a good idea ? Then close maxcheaters go in thepiratebay download a game to play and forget the whole thing.
  14. Only l2scripts as i see is available. If you have to pay 400-2000e go ahead. But consider u will end up paying more to make it playable + nobody will join since is very new chronicle. Go for something older is my opinion.
  15. Its not about know, you ask a code that someone have to dig in a whole "AI" code first. It's not charity here, it's section to ask for help. No request codes. Your topic has nothing to do with [HELP]. Help is when u post a code and ask for improve, fix or error. This is a request. Go to WTB section.