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  1. Don't bother. These are easy task to do. Let him learn. Thats why i provoked him to try on his own else i would take him money and do the task. They want open server, let them at least "work" for 5 min.
  2. oh ok.. well askin for a thing for free is fine but askin literally someone to finish ur server for free is weird..
  3. Your poor e-games does not work in every case elfo :> JAJAJAJA :v
  4. Afcourse you know what i make everyday, you know what clothes i wear and what my browser history is. Obviously for a cam-hacker like you who has an eye on me 24h per day any of my codes are not original. You are the only person who is worthy to make original content. Everyone else either make copy paste codes or bad coded or a code that is not under the GPGEWUGWJG23JGI43GJW43GKEJRGEJRK licence. Also tell me again. Is there any reason in 2020 that 99.9% of people are trash and just want to open mythras pack to make money should provoke me to waste my time into makin an original code for free? People are bad. Deal with it.
  5. No please don't be that guy. They are the worst leechers ever. They obviously share more content but lets be honest. Is the share the "solution"? You might no care but there are freelancers out there who work.
  6. You're even registered to their forum sharing stuff. I would say u love latino more than anyone else.
  7. @Nightwolf Αυτο δεν ειναι σαν να μ κανει ddos attack?
  8. Xreiazesai pack? Java services?
  9. ασε μας ρε μλκ χρηστο κ εσυ τωρα. Μιλαν ολοι μιλαν κ τα νεουδια
  10. Οτι προσπαθεις πολυ για να γινεις mod.
  11. @DukeAwesome Ξερω οτι εισαι μπαφιαρης κ οτι δεν κρατας ουτε 1 ευρω πανω σου αλλα με πληροφορησαν τσιρακια που εχω οτι εχεις γενεθλια. Χρονια πολλα μωρη λουγκρα