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  1. Photo is not available. Post in www.imgur.com
  2. Listen you're right about the intention it seem malicious but what the blue guy who is half Russian half Greek and uses a Leaque of Legend profil photo is telling you is that the whole situation stopped before any transaction happen. So you cannot punish his intention only his action. You understand me? Also consider all these "ru" guys including ViruS are leeching work from l2jbrazil forum years now.
  3. Just some old timelapses i did in 3D's max and AE. PS. Quality is bad because i downloaded them from my facebook, not in my PC anymore.
  4. This mean the amount is low? I'm not a client dev. Idk the amount of work required for it. Is it more to make an NPC with hero aura or abnormal hero aura?
  5. I think i already gave you my answer. Either you buy - find some abnormals and broadcast them tho NpcInfo or you modify the client's adding them hero AURA. Both require client modification. If you don't have the knowledge, contact a client dev and request it as service. It wont be very expensive. Lower than 20e
  6. I don't think you can since the broadcast packet of it (AbstractNpcInfo) does not support. What it support is AbnormalVisualEffect (I'm speaking in terms of H5). So you have 2 options: 1. Create a new AbnormalType as Hero and writeD(AbnormalVisualEffect.HERO.getMask()) 2. Modify the client to make the hero pernament on the NPC
  7. Delete the Fantasy Island files too :D problem solved haha
  8. Then the only option you have is to send some client dev a service request and pay for it (i think) Im not sure if this can be done for free.
  9. Oh so we not talkin for a transfer map situation bug cause this occur in H5 too i work with. So it's a general map problem that you need fix right?
  10. Thank you appreciate. Hope you have a nice day
  11. @SweeTs He don't need help to learn don't you see?
  12. Hello, i'm offering Java Services & Code Templates. You can either request any code you like or pick a code from the existing templates bellow. (Installation of the code will be done via teamviewer if you like) Code Templates: Vote API System [XML] - User command vote (can be done in NPC too). You can set both item and buff as reward for voting. The vote is instant without any delay. Once player for example type /hopzone he will receive reward instantly. If he hasn't vote it will write him down when the next available vote can be done. It store HWID or IP (your choise). Price 40e Vray Event Engine [Topic] [XML] - A brand new event engine that will be the standard for all servers. Supports reconnect, different map system, custom split, detailed scheduler to set even days, simultaneously events, observers, point and new events such as TvT Fortnite Style (FTN). For further detail check V-ray's dedicated topic. Price 70e Mode Zone - Every X minutes a mode between OpenWorld, TvT, DeathMatch is chosen to be activated in all zones. At the end of the mode the highest score player is calculated thought pop up window and receive reward. You can also request more mods if you want. Price 40e Faction System (Unlimited Factions) [XML] - A faction system that support unlimited factions using xml configuration. It can be adapted in any server and it can be extended to be the way you like including faction bases, guards e.t.c. Price 50e Blass Balancer [XML] - Create balance between classes for all stats (Magic damage, pdef, mdef, accu e.t.c) using xml holders. Work with normal values and percentages too. Price 30e Check out my Event's Engine topic - Brand new! Payment: Paypal, Western Union, E-banking Contact me: Discord or Skype: gamepsychology94 Thanks for your attention.
  13. Hello, i would like to introduce V-ray Event Engine. There will be new updates every week and new features such as Title & Achievement System Updates: 1.0 - Engine released 1.1 - Added split team type configuration. You can split teams like: Shuffle, None, PvP's, Healers 1.2 - Added new Event: TvT Fortnite Style (TNF) Features of Engine: 1. Map System - You're able to create different map for each event. Upon start the event picks a random map. 2. Reconnect - On disconnect your info will be stored. When you get back to the server, engine will ask you with a pop up timer window if you want to rejoin. 3. Scheduler - Using the scheduler you can set hour, minute, even day for your events. You can skip the day tag to set it as daily, skip the minute tag to set it by default at 0 or even skip the event id tag to allow event to pick a random event everytime. 4. Simultaneously - One or more events can be running at the same time. This mean you can start for instance TvT and CTF at the same time. 5. Observers - Each event can have observers depend on the configuration. On event start people who are not participants are allowed to join as observers and watch the event. 6. Point - Each event on finish reward player with event points based on some different facts for that event. Factors can be kill, afk, in case of CTF how many times you scored for your team e.t.c 7. Reload - You can reload the configuration xml (and the scheduler that its inside) live using a admin command 8. Split Team - Split team the way you like. shuffle, based on pvp, event points or even split healers equally. Price: 70 euro Payment: Paypal, Western Union, E-banking Contact me: Discord or Skype: gamepsychology94 Thanks for your attention.