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  1. Try to use fake death, and when opponent start dancing for win, you need to wake up fast and stab him. On Topic: in some java works buff stick bug using common craft. And on some server work quick dhp for CDL (spam arcana power)
  2. I didnt start this game :) I reacted on your post: https://maxcheaters.com/topic/186571-menu-command-l2jfrozen-code/#comment-2433556 WITH reason :) I'm done with this topic, if you still feel butthurt feel free to continue cry.
  3. on topic. You started first your childish game and now cry? edit: first negative was for your insulting other people who tried to help you. About others.. it was strike back, my fault for that maybe.
  4. everyone will kite you with -dex. except if you find other smartie with -dex :D about miss- spam skills and you wont miss
  5. vesper noble robe and vorpal H. then u can - con without a big loss of hp/cp. about elegia i cant say anything, never had that set (too expensive where i play :D), but if it gives great amount of crt rate, it means you no need sword and can play blunt all time. Best guide: test various tactics and find your best. cuz different char set up - different tactics and equip. From description i guess you play in high rates server, so there is good conditions to test.
  6. It looks really nice, but that content locking... you are forcing to spam (reason of this comment) :D
  7. Sex change is not taking items just because this part is not logical. First you close game, after you try to destroy item :D 814 activeChar.deleteMe(); 815 activeChar.sendPacket(LeaveWorld.STATIC_PACKET); 816 817 if (!activeChar.destroyItemByItemId("Donate Star", itemid, ammount, activeChar, false)) 818 return; Fix: 814 if (!activeChar.destroyItemByItemId("Donate Star", itemid, ammount, activeChar, false)) 815 return; 816 817 activeChar.deleteMe(); 818 activeChar.sendPacket(LeaveWorld.STATIC_PACKET);
  8. yep, first time I didnt understand what is wrong :D