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  1. i Prefer Nightmare Hvy+ HD on Destroyer
  2. quake 3 arena i expend so many time there ;)
  3. Dinasty Light + Dagger S80 with CD
  4. just coins for valakas? i can offer AM+A+9 if u want or we can talk there....nick ig?
  5. CaSz

    mini games

    Prince of persia on my Sony Erickson
  6. AW/PAL atm u can do croossrace sub there ^^
  7. in PVP against mages = NM heavy against warriors = Maj Heavy PVE Tallum Heavy FTW !!
  8. speed, crit rate, attack speed are things who every archer need, so my vote goes to SR
  9. CaSz

    ANIME !!

    naruto pwn them all ;D
  10. to be chased by the police gives many fun :P +1 for Most Wanted