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  1. Can any1 help?? Only l2w 2.05 verify's ok, all others verufy fail. What am i doing wrong?? little help pls....
  2. My last working version is l2walker 2.05... if i try even 2.06 it doesn't verify... I can only use this 1 for autobuff and automana (not always, sometimes it bugs also)! Can't killmobs, etc... Any1 can help?
  3. I doubt it's something like this.. whatever it is it had to bypass a good security cause server i'm talking about is dragonnetwork, l2off not l2j...!!
  4. Of that i'm sure! But wich one... I dunno if they can turn it on and off, or just they don't use defensif buffs when gm's are looking to seem to teke more dmg, i dunno! They r using something for sure... but what?? I saw in exploit section it's possble to augment pdef, using dyna armor shield mastery and changing sub's or smthg like that... i dunno! truth is thye r ruining what left of the server...
  5. Hi guys, i play on a private costom subclass server! Wich is rly nice and i've been enoying the game there alot. Atm it's cronicle is Gracia Final. Thing is there are 2 chars there who can stand a whole lot of dmg from over 20ppl hitting them and don't die (without any extarnal heal, no bp's no ol's nada!) I'm am He/pal, have icarus+f+16 full atrb 540, all rb jewels, fullbuffed i get over 9k p atk and i hit them for like 280dmg/crit with bow and even less with o/e sword around 130dmg/crit. Thing is, i've noticed when gm's are around and they show up they are back to normal, i mean
  6. I can't log with any. :S. I tryed merging all walkers i have and make 1 that works but no sucess! I know theres alrdy ppl boting in Nightmare ( saw them in Blazing) but how do they do it.... arrrgh! Dev's help plz. ^^
  7. thx tyranous but i play in dn so they have patched it for sure! il's try anyway :)
  8. Tell me guys, the script is only for enchant? it still can fail? or if we use it it enchants safely?
  9. Hi mobs, dn just went hellbound, no bake ice atm....i don't know much about this but i'm pretty sure they changed l2.ini and host file! Can you plz help
  10. Doesn't work anymore :S. Dragon is not bake ice anymore, and they changed l2.ini and hosts file!!!~ Mods can you help plz?