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  1. Definitely amazing design, project. I hope you get the attention you deserve. It would be sad to see such server fail coz of lack of advertisement. We will be here as a CP. Good luck mate !
  2. Seems like an amazing design. I hope you can get enough online for it to work. Advertisement matters the most nowadays
  3. UP ! Still on sale ! Will give them away for cheap ! Ask price in discord and if you find a better price then I will give it all for free !
  4. Yeah really great devs and seems cool server
  5. WTS 710 TODS and 500KK+ ADENA and MJ.H. SET and MJ.R. SET PM HERE REPLY OR ADD DISCORD I was just a player there so my CP disolved and I wanna sell whatever left on my char. Infection#7235
  6. I have sold many items on other servers. We can do little little or all in, I dont mind. As long as you pay for the middleman Im okay with that too. I have quite a lot stock, Im planning to sell cheapest. If you say my price is higher than any web site around, just show it to me and I will do even much more less. Stock Update: 30B Adena(17B LEFT) Price: 17 B LEFT, ALL FOR 10 USD! NOTE: Please come skype and ask price, discounts because I just wanna sell and get over it instead of waiting for it everyday. Add skype: live:selimytu
  7. Im figuring out how to decompile the files but I dont know what to do after. Please let me know if you decide to crack it or somehow get the fix..
  8. I at least wanna know which file causes that error. Is it interface.u or xdat? Or both of them? Which parameter needs to be changed?
  9. Client Crashes With Deadz Interface Patch after selecting character to Enter game. The error I think is realated to interface.u and interface.xdat files but I was not able to fix to get Deadz working. Here is the screenshot of the error. If anyone wants to help modifying and fixing the error, I could share the requires files when asked.
  10. Deadz does not work unless unlocked or cracked somehow. I know some people use it right now on Beta. It would help many people including me if anyone have(or can crack) a working Deadz or Deadz like interface for L2Tales.
  11. Sell, get adena, weapon, Att, enchants? It helps mate. Helps shit tons but I never whine about donations, its business afterall. I just never prefer PVPing against money lords.
  12. True but I am not interested in mass PVP since I saw in beta there are shit tons of known no life donators coming into Tales. Not interested in mass pvp against 5k euro donators. Its just I dont like just damaging around, I like to use my brain a little more time to time and use my debuffs.
  13. Not gonna lie, I was gonna play tales with my 6 other friends. We wanted to try it out in Beta to see how things work. The result was highly disappointing. The balance seems so weird. I would say its balanced only if Berserker was not a class in lineage 2. That shit hits more than 10k damage in Tales and there is no way to control that. By that I mean, %90 of the debuffs in game aint working. They never land, they never land at +30 either. Imagine you are a necromancer and your gloom, vampiric mist does not work. Fear ruins the PVP so I dont even mention it but even gloom, come on? One doombri
  14. Tell me that did not happen. I was there when this happened. Keep your lies to yourself you corrupted kid.
  15. Full bugs and corrupted admin. Last siege the some castle's defenders got dC at the last minute but all attackers did not xd They lost the castle thank to admin dcing all the defenders at the same time while attackers was all fine. Secondly GM/admin pms randomly to players about random stuff. Like nothing is serious here. Just a crap server and you can see it with the online count. First month was 3k+ with less boxes and now people play with 2+boxes everywhere and barely 1.5k haha. Shityy admins shitty administration corrupted server
  16. Its full of russians and there is no English language rule so leave it. Same reason I changed my mind starting here. Waste of time, %95 russians and full russian words flying around.
  17. I wish you good luck but your server is gonna be a russian server, not international. You will see it eventually and It will be when its dead. I have seen plenty of servers like your's that says they are international but the truth is russians rule and decide what happens in your server. You wont have English speking players in your server after top 2 months because of the reasons I have wrote down below. You gonna get tilted by full of russian letters on the chat, market and party rooms. You will be able to communicate to only %5 or less of the server's population. Before starting
  18. I wonder one thing, is the Cyrillic alphabet going to be enabled? Because I see that you have the majority of russians and if its enabled then we will have to pray to GOD to show us some English in chat, party rooms and private stores.
  19. Dude you are shitposting my thread and maybe my future reputation here. Ofc I tell you Its good that you are scammed. You or whoever your friend prove something here or do not even talk OUT OF NOTHING. I was like "WTF" when you I see your post and the first thing I thought was that you have issues.
  20. Get a life man. Im not scammer but I do feel whoever scammed you did good. Spamming posts out of nothing. Seems like you have issues. A good suggestion for you, get over it and live your life. Just because someone scammed you, does not mean everyone is scammer.
  21. What? That is general thing in my country. Google it up and do not accuse people for nothing. Reported your post.