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  1. Looking for lvl80 SWS in L2 Classic Club x3 Server. Pm here.
  2. Trusted and respectful person. Smooth!
  3. WTB lvl79 Dominator on L2classic.Club server. Or lvl78 with high %. Please, leave a message here or pm. Thanks.
  4. Looking for lvl 79+ Phoenix Knight. message me.
  5. Looking for Any Group 3 Class Character lvl 76+. with Noble Cloak (White Cloak Christmas event 2018). Please, pm me here. w/ price.
  6. Trusted seller !!! Respectful person, and patient..Highly recommended. Great transaction..
  7. Ty replay SolRac91. It is for my friend who come back to L2. Looking for 70+ Thank you. Bump!!!
  8. I'm looking for any character lvl 70+ that can be transferable to Dagger Class. Which class group 2~3 in l2classic. club server. Please reply or message me here.