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  1. sorry just saw your comment, people usually send me a message yes chars have mail
  2. archmage sold, just crossed it out sorry bd can do 60e
  3. characters: pw 77 bracelet 4 tyrant 75 bracelet 2 gladiator 78 bracelet 3 + zaken cloak ee 78 (w/ pow) bracelet 3 se 79 bracelet 5 destro 78 (full skills) bracelet 5 pp 76 bracelet 5 bd 74 bracelet 3 phantom summoner 75 bracelet 4 archmage 77 bracelet 4 + zaken cloak cardinal 79 bracelet 5 all chars with email (except destro) items: tallum heavy set +3 bw light set +6 baium3 toi6 bw robe set +6 bellion +12 offers in pm
  4. excellent service, everything went fast and smooth
  5. well, it's better cuz if it's a good bug which works, than all will use it. so this sux
  6. http://youtube.com/watch?v=v9V0MrbolKQ&feature=related this one is good too http://youtube.com/watch?v=lFAXcugFXOk&feature=related and this :D