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  1. Hello community! In some servers, when a epic raidboss (Antharas, Zaken, Valakas, etc.) performs a certain skill, a sign or message appears on the center of the screen. (The message says something related to the epic we are dealing with) My question is: Is it possible to edit from client side and trigger this kind of message/sign when I perform a skill or, when another mob (aside from the epic ones) do a skill? I found those messages on "NpcString_Classic-eu", But it doesn't "tell" me how it triggers or from where. I hope you get my idea. Thank you!
  2. Hello MaxCheaters! First of all, thank you for your time in reading this. A few days ago, I started to learn how to change the user's interface (Just visuals, not mechanics) for a specific server that I'm currently playing (Classic 2.5) The files that i'm working are: -L2UI_CH3.utx -L2UI_CT1.utx If I get those files from the client that I’m playing, I cannot open it. (I suppose that are encrypted or something like that). The solution of that, was searching the files on this forum from someone who shared his custom interface for Classic (I don’t know the specific ve