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  1. Ok. Here's photo for better understanding. It's not showing if the whole set is equiped and which parts are missing, what are whole set bonus. Weirdest thing is, if I for example would change dark crystal's SetItems-Classic.grp with eternal or leviathan armors ids, it won't work either. It shows only data from ItemName-e.dat And to further increase my headache, I can't wear cloak anymore. With any set it just says ,that you you can't wear it, because your set is incomplete...
  2. Can't make 'custom' armors to show missing set parts/whole set bonuses. Anyone got a clue?
  3. I have Classic 2.6/Fafurion Client. My question would be, how to to show Fafurion map on Classic server? All the textures are already baked in client, so how to turn on live map instead of classic? Edit: map as in ALT+M
  4. But wouldn't "Clasic Tales Untold" textures just work on "The Classic"? Cause new classic update has all the she shinny things you could dream off.
  5. Just asking for now. Actually customs is deciding factor if I'll pull trigger on lucera's classic/interlude hybrid. Maybe there's some guide on how to export items from one chronicle to other?
  6. I'd just like to add some dynasty, vesper etc armors/weapons to classic client? Is it possible to add? If yes, so how?
  7. Nice share. Just 2 easy fixable problems: No Eva's Saint and should add xp check for lvl up as well.
  8. So.. No 3rd class if you won't donate or vote? Ok. GL.
  9. Well... It didn't help. Npc still has human fighter's voice, with any given template.
  10. Hey. So as title says I'm looking for code which has a chance to autospawn monster x after i killed monster z. Thanks. :)
  11. lol. I'll check after work. If it's true, then fuck me for those hours of pointless reading of code..