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  1. yes surely it'll have more than 400+ on start, because this sv has many unique and creative features,how did think about such features and make it happen? pls...
  2. tried like one-two times, what else need to try?,that server opens every week and always empty too lol.. btw u gave - points bcoz speaking facts about a crap server.. lmao
  3. after like 20 times g.open it looks promising ye.. you'll be alone on it lol,have fun taking a castle without even the guards.
  4. seriously now?...can you tell us wich feature exactly is so nice,cause all servers use exac same features
  5. Fun Fact: Topic cleared for spam, yet last two and half pages is still spam ;d
  6. It will fail big time. How can y'all say it reminds you old? First of all i see 48 buff slots while u couldn't take more than 24smth+ and only from your race's ones. Also, whats the point of 1v1,3v3,9v9 events in such server? Also there were no augs. Heroes were with a consecutive kill counts and NOT olympiad.. Caslte Owner announce? Really??? Castles owned by races and not clans, plus plus more .... pathetic... more pathetic that say remind you the old hahahaahaha
  7. Yes they do. Only u from ur own pc use internal. Np :)
  8. HAHAHA. put internal ip on your patch's .ini (only for ur patch to log from ur pc.) funny all answers are so useless.
  9. HAHAHA. quit this game.. then we ask why it's been like it is now..
  10. "Something new is coming up," lmao