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Θα Σπασω Κουπες

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  1. :O this is the most freakin awesome thing i ever seen in my eyes (except the day maxtor sended me his nudes by accidentb on skype instead of some logo) It's even cooler than when xdem e-fight with Elfo for which language is better. Damn you SAM >.< damn you
  2. Generally a lot of things aren't working fine, takee for examples smileys.. forum is under porn and under construction.
  3. You're so cute when u try explain something but end up doing Ddos Attack by text awww <3
  4. Love how people care for details like DirectX when game itse'f is slow as fuck and 16 years old.. It's not GTA V people it's damn Lineage 2. Also Celestine go eat pop corn >.< bitch
  5. I'll add you tomorrow cause u own me codes
  6. You're retarded anyway cause i guess your poor country does not have a good forum so u spend all day in a greek forum IRONIC AS FUCK :O
  7. Can you make a code for me plz? If yes pm me with ur skype i will pay you 2 euro for each hour. I need PRO server and a PRO developer :(
  8. You still own me 5 euro. Ok so basically i can sell aCis and ignore tha rules ty nab Afc u wont :'( it's your best friend :'( and long term partner :'( why would u
  9. Me paid you money for event, me want event :'( scammer. Give me my event. GREEK failure :'( GIVE ME MY EVENT. :/ me want the event. me want it. Me love it long time. give it to me.
  10. The losers wasn't for you :'( i like you, we can be friends or sexy couple. It's just the baksteen is just a guy who pretend to be female and flame greeks in a greek forum. :3 he is a clown
  11. For those who say "Why pay 15 bucks for something small", consider that because of "free" 'free" "free" Lineage 2 community got fucked up. The same people who get all codes shared and free are those who open 1 week server. If someone had to pay at least 15 euro or 20 euro or 50 euro he would reconsider of make a homemade server. I'm not against free beside i got the most veiw tutorials for how to setup and add code but when i see people saying "why ask money for such a small thing" i want cut their pagreas in multiple pieces and force them to eat it. It's nice to share free stuf
  12. Why u no talk for ur lovely Reborn12 and your project that was aCis even tho rules say "Acis is not allowed for re-sell" ? But i forgot Reborn12, Celestine, Baggos the BFF of maxtor i still wait to make me an event after i paid you 500 euro :'( plz do it.
  13. Can we make love? I really loved your post it bring tears in my eyes.
  14. Life is sad :'( but people think java is still slow :'( so sad that make me wanna kiss maxtor.
  15. Cause back then it was 98% player 2% developers/admins now 98% is admins/wannabe devs and 1% russians who suck and 1% br who suck. Also i love how all say it's not L2OFF as if L2Off mean good server ROLF. I'm sure java can rape L2off servers ez if a prof guy work efficient on it
  16. Are you retard or you try to prove it? Any of the sentences i wrote are just valid. 2017 lineage 2 is apart from anime wannabe gays who open acis server and BRs for money
  17. [GR] κυριε Μαρινακη, μπορω να παω μεχρι το περιπτερο ? [/GR]
  18. Hi, if i stay tuned will it hurt? Thanks in advance.
  19. awwww you're such a cuteness, your words is just pure heal on my soul :$ There are people out there who want to make a maybe non-donation server that is not INTERLUDE OR H5 but they afraid cause everyday 1000 fucking BR or Russian servers open just for money.
  20. You joined a server that says: 1. Created by ladies. 2. Made by an owner with anime profil photo that says ANNIE 3. A site that is worst than a plain txt that you will write <html><body>hi</body></html> and save it as *.html 4. A server that is run Low rate at H5 and we all know H5 is the worst chronicle ever after Interlude which givini us cancer 4 years now constantly. and you have expectations? Says the retard to the retard. Again i repeat your work on l2j was so bad that 5 people askin for mental anguish
  21. Max players u can get in 2k17 /2k18 server is 400-500 people 3k is a huge lie as the fact that the owner is female. Marketing trick.
  22. Don't forget its made by LADIES so is epic anyway