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  1. Because you tryhards wanted ALL of active & passive augments and not just 2x wild magic :D What kind of lies are you blabing? You weapon is +25 and as far as armor goes it doesn't make much difference, else you'd have it. What the heck? -.- They zerq afterwards and pretend they're pro's, mamu jim jebem ustaško!
  2. Greek corruption at its finest. GlobalAbuse are friends of the admin and ware getting special treatment from day one. God knows how many GMs are pretend players. It's not fun this server, its greekish hell!
  3. Incompetent staff wrecking the server on purpose. Died in 30 days.
  4. ~100 players max. that are actually playing, rest windows for vote rewards. You see 5 classes in pvp. Necro, Sps, Hawk, Gs and Cardinal. Lifestones are hard to get, 70% of augment skills doesn't work. Extremely expensive donate market with 10 active augments available. Very newbish staff with unorganised events.
  5. Update your core files to something less prehistoric. You wasted your time doing modifications on such bad pack. An example; https://yandex.com/collections/card/5881669a48af7d82ec5287d4/ Doesn't matter if you put 10.000€ in it, its still gonna be a Fiat punto :D
  6. Last time I played the game had 22 fps in gludio. You fixed that yet? :D
  7. The staff is very diligent and is improving the game daily. Try it out, you won't be disappointed.
  8. Fuck no, you've got it all wrong! Anyway, Good luck buddy you ARE gonna need it.
  9. Honestly speaking I didn't try any of those settings, I gave up before noticing any recommended tweaks. I feel if you went with, for example; Interlude Final corepack, you would take the GvE experience to another level.
  10. Who the fuck hosts a server from their home PC? --> Only greek people. 8)
  11. I love the effort you put into the project.. but sadly it is unplayable. I feel like anywhere the events take me, my fps counter is never above 50. The absolute worst is Gludin map with 11 fps on average.