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  1. Trusted driver & GREAT price. I paid for 10hr driver time and he got it done successfully and exceeded the amount of exp I thought 10hr would get me. Bought another 12hr of driver time today and will probably do even more. He stays in contact via discord if you want a progress update etc. Definitely trust this guy over others.
  2. GoNoles and I clearly are not the first people to call this guy a scammer. The others just didnt bring proof. Fuck this guy.
  3. I was also involved in this deal. This guy is not legit and i would not recommend doing any business with him. BEWARE
  5. Selling my 56 ES. Gear comes with character: bw light set +0, full ada jewel set +0. twilight knife. doom shield. mats in warehouse. All available skills learned. I lvled this character form scratch. This character has top priority in groups for aoe/rb/grinding/toi. Never a dull moment. Asking $85. Paypal only. PM me on here with questions.
  6. As the title says, wtb 56+ ES that comes with email on l2 classic club. pm me.
  7. WTS / WTT BD LVL 59. No gear. Comes with email. pm me
  8. WTB Account l2 classic club. pm me what you got. Be reasonable with your offers.
  9. purchased. trusted seller. fast and friendly
  10. Message me on here with what you have. Anything 55+ with or without gear. PM ME
  11. Sent you a PM. Very interested
  12. WTB 52+ SWS OR EE for a reasonable price. pm me on here please. thanks
  13. 53 SE - male (NO DW) - no sub but. also wtt for wc 53 PR - Male - all skills. no sub skype: cdehays5572 Accepting PayPal only.
  14. WTS PP 51. Its actually got the skills of lvl 53 but is delvled to 51. I can prove this by buffing you in-game to show haste 2 etc. All skills EXCEPT DW Accepting PayPal only. $95 USD
  15. wts 18m adena on skelth 1.7usd per 1kk PM ME FAST
  16. Cashing out of skelth. Only accepting paypal. ******WTS Accounts:********** All characters have normal names and not really any reputation at all. Skype: cdehays5572 52 PR (41 EE on account also) 53 necro, 53 HE and 52 BH all same account. 53 SE *****WTS Items:********** Avadon robe set BW Heavy set Heavy War Axe C Jewel set +3 Demon staff Wynn 7 Doom shield
  17. 52BH + 53HE + 53 NECRO All on same account. With or without gear. 14 days sub 52 PR + 41 EE same account 41 Warlock Have gear for sale B/C. (emi,bw heavy, c jewel, HWA etc) Skype: cdehays552 Accepting paypal only.
  18. Selling 53 PR, account also has 41 ee. 53 SE, no DW 40 Warlock Skelth server. Will accept PayPal or adena. PM Me here for skype info. (Can provide reference list)