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  1. Once again you come here and protect your boyfriend LUL shut up mate i know you are mates
  2. You have like 2 or more servers and u reopen for money.Barely any noticable changes and you dare to talk back? just keep your mouth shut and take ur money buddy
  3. Another fail "season" incoming? make another project this is a shitshow
  4. by x100 i meant even lower if he wants which i just dont think he does
  5. i dont have a server its okay ur server fail day1 no need to refuse being mad
  6. x200 is literally waste of time make it x100 or x1000
  7. mad ur servers get 50people? h0a0aha00a0h0ah0ah0a0a
  8. Will there be content for solo players?
  9. Credit for advertising all his servers but he is a trash admin and he only cares about money
  10. website transfer to different server LUL
  11. opening again after 2weeks or less? lul
  12. im talking scheluded tournaments by npc not admin ones but if its regularly gucci
  13. Did u consider adding tournament(3v3.5v5.9v9) always fun af
  14. Didnt even bother fixing this balance instead of lowering the dps of the classes so we can actually have a fight he is forcing is into playing casino pvp and the more crit/mc wins also tallum heavy on paladin 1406 ic 1415 what a joke