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  1. No need for Hellbound anyway, better to just jump to Gracia chapters for part 2 and then maybe a part 3 with HF. I'll be keeping a close eye on this one. Good luck with development process. Really hard to do something like this, but if you pull it off it will be amazing lol.
  2. I haven't seen something like this in a while, and I really think it would be nice to get to experience chronicle progression (to some extent) again. I'm really intrigued by this. So you plan on doing something like c4/Interlude that will eventually jump to later chronicles like Hellbound/Gracia?
  3. Hello Dev, I think everyone accepts the notion that servers have an expiration date. But there's a difference between a two week server, a two month server, and a one year server. The real challenge is to maintain a population that is considered "healthy" relative to the open world environment of the game for as long as possible. Private servers are meant to die within a time-frame like that, because simply put, they cannot update into later chronicles, gradually, thus providing new content every so often. Let me remind you that retail went from Prelude (c0) to Interlude within 3 years, on x1 rates. So of course private servers, with higher rates and without the luxury of chronicle progression are going to have a much shorter lifespan.
  4. I like it, seems pragmatic enough to actually work in practice as well. Instead of granting honest players automated game-play features to balance things out, you opt to handicap a bot's efficiency with a 0.25x to 1x "time" exchange rate to an honest player. Different route with a similar objective in mind; creating a gaming environment that works for all.
  5. Trust me when I say I'm not a fan of automated game-play; in fact, I've always been staunchly anti-bot. I've never used Adrenaline, and I never will. Nevertheless, in recent months of playing this game more competitively again, I've come to realize that I'd rather see automated implemented into elements of the game, as a means to bridge the gap between a normal player and a bot player, rather than witness that gap widen as time progresses. Time is always in the bot's favor, because a bot doesn't experience fatigue. That being said, if something else came along that works efficiently and tackles the issue effectively enough, then I'd definitely get behind it. But from my personal experience I haven't seen something be successful at it, yet. Which leads me to ask out of curiosity about this: @PlayINERA I find this interesting, what do you mean by global nerfs and visual marks? I mean, game-play wise, how would that work and what sort of nerf would a botter experience if it's detected by the "global nerf"? Also, I agree with most of what you said about people quitting for other reasons, and always prioritizing high population over fairness, and about people always focusing on the negatives. I do disagree with the notion of a clan leader being considered "too big to fail", though. I get it, from a practical standpoint. Yet, I've also witnessed a server that downright banned (albeit, temporarily since it was common policy on said server that everyone get's a second chance) one of the biggest clan leaders on their server, and was unscathed. I wouldn't overestimate loyalty. Clans nowadays aren't exactly clans, they are CPs working together for a common goal. Sure, if you ban a clan leader 1-2 CPs might end up leaving, but if your server is considered "hot", the majority of CPs will seek employment elsewhere the very next day. Anyhow, really interested in that global nerf for botters/cheaters concept.
  6. To be fair, this is also true. A large part of the community is entitled, and downright spoiled at this point. Hopefully projects with big names, and big histories can avoid practicing such tactics in the future, and still manage to attract healthy numbers. Otherwise the healthy part of the community, or rather, what's left of it, will simply give up on this game. Those who monetized players are to blame though, from server staff to clan leaders. If people aren't down for such practices, yet they're in these clans, they should just bail on said clans.
  7. But wasn't Elixir going strong for months? I mean, we're comfortable joining servers that die out in "2 to 6 weeks" so something that lasts longer than that should be considered a success, no? Not implying that this server will last long or die quickly, I'm merely suggesting that something that lasts as long as Elixir these days isn't that bad. Edit: Make x12 : o
  8. If I recall correctly I joined this server once and at launch, people were running around with custom gear in the farm zones pking everything on sight. All non-donates were on +0 A/S gear while people who donated were on custom+20 gear. I'm talking about the first hour of the server. So my question is simple. Is it possible to donate +20 custom gear on server launch?
  9. I really want this place to work since it's using L2OFF files on a mid-rate, but what have you changed since the last mid-rate launch? If I recall I wasn't a fan of premium buff book existing, since it handicaps anyone who doesn't donate, which in turn handicaps those who donate as well, since the main reason on donating on a server is to get your money's worth in terms of enjoyment. Not much enjoyment if population isn't significant for an X period of time.
  10. I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but L2Warland including auto-farm assistant in older chronicles is the best way to tackle bots. So without knowing about INERA's policy to bots, I really doubt they're worse than 99% of the servers out there right now. Bots won, pure and simple. You cannot eliminate them entirely, so you might as well give the wider population that joins a server a tool that is close to it. At least that way the playing field becomes somewhat even. We cant play the game as it used to be played back in 2006. The player base has become optimized. Everything is about reaching maximum efficiency, and unfortunately, L2Adrenaline is the most efficient way to play the game by a landslide. Intense competitiveness in gaming culture ensures that people will always seek the most optimized way to win.
  11. I completely agree with this. The very notion of paying clans to participate on your server is beyond me, really. I understand the concept, but still, it's counter productive in the long run. What stops these guys from getting paid again 2 weeks later to join another server? Nothing. So basically this practice actively contributes to making game-play poorer, as it creates a culture of jumping servers way too quickly. It makes and breaks servers, and unfortunately - but understandably - the wider audience of a server follows suit because they see a dramatic decline in activity, which affects their overall experience. That being said, people that don't actively benefit from payouts should avoid falling into such traps, especially those who participate in these clans, and are pretty much being used so some random dude over the internet can buy a new couch.
  12. I'm currently fooling around on a Russian IL mid-rate. I've never felt so alone in my life. : D Damn it. I was really hoping for a change of pace in the game; I'm not tired of L2 this time around just yet, but as much as I love the simplicity of IL, it's mostly about the epics and it gets old pretty quickly, especially when you realize that all you're doing is helping shady people trying to make money more often than not. :P
  13. D: So its more prone to bot / bot is simply more essential compared to something like IL? Maybe Gracia then, I don't know... >>" Kind of bored of IL, cant get into Classic as a whole, H5 seems to have issues as you stated, that Innova stuff is garbage/excessive p2w, retail sucks, L2M is just a mobile game. So where does that leave us? : D