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  1. What's the name of What's the name of that interface? Any way one can get their hands on it? Edit: nvm found it. :D
  2. I'm looking at the epic respawn times and your social media advertisement stating "Interlude x50 craft - pvp concept. Forgive me, but I cant help but wonder where the PvP concept is coming from. Tezza has an 8 hour random window, so no organized side in their right mind will stand there waiting to PvP. The same applies for Zaken. Then we have Ant Queen's 4 hour window. Which sides are going to run down - on a daily basis - and contest it for 4 hours straight? So the frequent raids are are burdened by long windows that are counter productive when it comes to creating a PvP centric environment. As for the big raids, they have a fixed respawn. So for baium I guess we can rush 5 minutes prior to said fixed respawn, and attempt to secure the position near the crystal, wake it up, job done. For antharas I guess we can teleport into the crystal and fight it out inside for 30 minutes or so until the tp closes, which is okay, I guess. Valakas the same. So any meaningful action will only take place during the weekends. Unless of course you've completely customized the mechanics and entering the lairs etc remain open at all times. Still, I don't see it. Edit: Then again, maybe because it's summer and you don't want to create an environment where the player base needs to contest epics on a daily basis. Perhaps that makes sense. :P
  3. I've said this many times before and I'll keep saying it. Servers that are running on older chronicles should invest in auto-farm systems similar to that of L2Warland. This is the only way to bridge the gap (to an extent) between adrenaline users and non-users. It isn't really essential for this server, due to the fact that its economy is heavily dependant on the raid loop, but generally, it is. Anyhow, what I said about this server still stands. I don't see an effort to shuffle things up a bit, which is disappointing due to the fact that it has managed to attract a healthy population in previous "seasons" (for its nature, at least). With a small investment I think this project could be a lot more enjoyable, but that's just my opinion.
  4. Given the fact that it's a PvP server, I think that's pretty reasonable. What I find concerning, however, is the lack of development in terms of improving the server's quality. I've played on this server 2-3 times to blow off steam, when I'm on a break from more demanding features/servers. Yet, I haven't seen a single essential improvement since the first "season" I played here. If the server's quality was great I wouldn't be pointing this out, but it isn't. First of all, the files need improvement. This isn't really debatable. Nevertheless, if someone is feeling confident enough to dismiss the notion, then by all means be my guest. I'll convince you otherwise. Another issue I find a bit underwhelming is the fact that it heavily relies on the "raid loop" without taking it a step further to shuffle things up after so many "seasons". For instance, I'd slightly decrease the "raid loop" (this is up for debate) times and add a daily (or 12 hour) grand boss with a 30 minute random period. Maybe even expand on that even more and introduce more "epics" with longer spawn periods than the daily one. All I'm saying is that since you seem to be able to attract a decent population, then you should improve your product.
  5. Well, there's a clear distinction between pre-GoD (Goddess of Destruction) chronicles and post GoD servers. GoD essentially revamped the game when retail servers entered the free 2 play era. The majority of the private scene prefers pre-GoD chronicles, with Interlude and High Five probably being the most frequent and popular chronicles (out of the original ones). Out of the two High-Five is the latest. Then you have the Classic chronicles, which are a different ball game altogether, and run on a modern client. So I think one of the later "Classic" chronicles might be a good place to look.
  6. Yeah, I get that, and you're absolutely correct, but at the same time we have to minimize the predators. Forum policy makes it clear that scamming isn't tolerated, and is considered a bannable offence. Alas, darwinism doesn't exempt the predator under any circumstance. That being said, the forum/staff aren't and shouldn't be considered responsible or blamed for unfortunate incidents. That would be completely out of line and unfair. Anyhow, I noticed MxC has a "trophy&medals" beneath the trader feedback (under our forum avatars). Perhaps create a system of trading around that. Example, "Elligible Trader Medal" - Allows one to post a topic in the market section. (Granted upon request to established forum members) <--- What constitutes an "established forum member" needs to be clarified. "Certified Trader Medal" - Proven MxC trader (Achieved after X number of confirmed trades, evaluated upon request)
  7. Alrighty, let's get one thing straight so there aren't any misconceptions. The practice of paying "leading CPs" that manage to organize a large clan entering a server is a reality and it's not limited to this dude's server. It's almost everywhere nowadays. Nearly all servers that manage to attract a decent population engage in handouts. It's unfortunate, but it's a reality. It's a pyramid sceme, in many cases. The admin gives the leading CP some money, whilst the satellite CPs that compose a large clan entering a server, either receive similar payments, or at the very least get perks like 2x Nobless or w/e. There's no integrity in the community anymore; everyones milked the hell out of the game to such an extent that we've actually gotten to a point where admins (such as this one) openly confirm, and advocate the notion. That being said, we shouldn't condemn this guy (who I also happened to openly criticize in his noobwars/thegame sceme btw) while pretending this doesn't occur on servers that we ourselves often play on, and even praise. Because, quite simply, that would make some of us on this forum, or even topic for that matter, look like a bunch of hypocrites. My only recommendation to those oblivious to these practices, or who simply dislike the practice and consider it distastful, is to pay more attention to the clans/cps you choose to affiliate yourselves in. Because at the end of the day, more often than not, non-profit players who simply want to enjoy the game are the ones who empower the opportunists in the first place, or at the very least actively contribute to their opportunism.
  8. Well, some projects have started to use classic client and are adjusting it to emulate older game-styles. DEX is planning to launch its next "IL server" on classic, after having a lot of success with its downscaled IL from H5 client. Trance is working with a Gold-style server running on Classic. As long as there's still an audiance for the game, the private scene will adjust to the times and think of new ways to modernize the game, which is great. That being said, the community needs to support these incentives and not freak out upon discovering things they aren't used to. In order for these to work, the community needs to be able to adjust as well, otherwise we'll keep getting the same old recycled servers we've been getting for a decade or so.
  9. I think many who are stuck with Interlude but also want things to be shuffled a bit would appreciate more "Interlude-Rework/Remastered/Final" projects (Valhalla, e-global, DEX). Modern client from Classic but with C4/Interlude game-play with minor tweaks and additions sounds interesting to me. Stock Interlude doesn't seem cut it anymore. In fact, stock single chronicle based servers seem to be reaching their absolute limit.
  10. L2 is very much alive but the current state of the game (retail, and private scenes) are underwhelming, to say the least. That being said, the topic is very broad as we're all tackling issues from different angles. I mean, there are so many iterations to how the game is played, so it makes sense.
  11. Apologies then, I was under the impression that you were trying to point out that they aren't affiliated, when it's clear that they are. Yeah, features like quest rates and stuff tend to be copied or extremely similar between various projects. But that's not necessarily a bad thing (at least for players). I mean there are some things that just work.
  12. Wait, wait, you're not seriously suggesting that they aren't affiliated (tales, rightfight) after everything that's gone down in this topic, right? Their donation systems lead to the same PayPal account for crying out loud. There's nothing more to discuss here.
  13. I always thought that it would be interesting if a crowd funded project was created by the community, for the community. I'm completely oblivious as to how much it costs to secure top files, employ a credible developer, and how much maintenance & staff would require, but I suppose someone with experience on the subject can enlighten us. Perhaps crowd fund is a way to secure a project without financial concerns, and back-door deals. Just think about it. Zero donations (for perks), zero dependancy on mercenaries, zero concerns over the server having to make sure it's not at a loss financially for its owner. The community funds it, the developers get paid, the files are bought or leased, and everyone involved is happy.
  14. I'm not exempting owner practices in general, I'm just stating that the community is so entitled these days that all the organized clans/cp ask for money or special perks to join a project, and there's a plethora of servers that are willing to do that. The problem is that after a month or so, the said sides abandon ship and cash out their epics/gear, and this kills servers. But usually the time-frame is enough for a project to have generated enough profits to call it a day. Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat. : P
  15. Again, redirecting the community to servers that are worth supporting is a step in the right direction. This will be a very long process, but don't give up on it.