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  1. You just did it again. Suggesting that he's a "dictator" is exactly the aggression he's referring to. It's his job to moderate topics, and you're breaching rules (along with 1-2 others) by calling people stupid or telling them to "stfu". :P You can express your opinions freely, as can others. But there's a difference between presenting an argument when you disagree with another's point of view, and being hostile because you're in disagreement with them. The simple truth of the matter is that a product (any) simply doesn't work for everyone, and that's okay. Fortunately there are plenty of options out there. ~
  2. Add 3rd class buffs to NPC buffer for all, not just premium accounts, otherwise don't bother opening.
  3. Without knowing anything about this project other than reading the features list, maybe he wants to attract interlude players in a less intimidating environment for them? Or.. I don't know. :O
  4. In game auto-farm is available to all players, VIP/Plus simply enables additional features such as avoiding chests, or assisting while on auto-farm. Obviously all this disables instantly upon flagging.
  5. The game has simply changed my friend. 3rd party programs ruined it a very long time ago, and unfortunately, what you see right there is actually a remedy. In most servers those who use L2Adre eventually win, it's as simple as that. You cant compete with a pro-bot when it comes to farming. Even if you're borderline inhuman, you will grow tired eventually, but the bot will not. I actually believe that this in-game auto-farm is one of the best additions to the modern game. It gives you a chance against bot users and somewhat levels the playing field. Suddenly, you can compete again. I think that in itself is good for a server community. Besides, all the fun activity you actually care about, such as raids, epics, sieges aren't affected by this. Plus you can still roam around the map and find plenty of pvp for significant spots, such as IT LS rooms, PI, 4s, etc. All in all, I view it as a necessary evil.
  6. Yup, when loyalty group leader comes out and says you're not in Elmatadores, you're not in Elmatadores. :P
  7. Hello Nasiferus, do you plan on posting the actual proof you mentioned in your post? As you didn't provide any. You informed us about being in a clan, and about p2w mechanics, so far, but no evidence on corruption has been shared. Unless you expect strangers on some forum to take your word for it, there's not much point on creating this thread without solid evidence to back up your claim.
  8. The server isn't built around the concept of a quick game-play followed by a quick burnout and a quick wipe, leading to "seasons", leading to the 2k19 norm many have come to accept, preaching to themselves and everyone around them that L2 servers last 3-6 weeks nowadays. This is artificially created by those who thrive under it, community and staff included. No, L2 in 2019 doesn't need to last 3-6 weeks. Whoever tells you this is simply lying to you because it suits them. You can have both a competitive environment and a long lasting server, as long as you're committed to that idea. That's what Warland stands for right now. As for the pvpless comment, I'm not sure why you've come to such an assessment. Epics are filled with PvP, with the highlight being Baium on Friday. Lags were resolved compared to the first wave, and five major sides were contesting it again, only this time it was far more enjoyable. Also, Imperial Tomb LS rooms are basically a constant war zone. That being said, you wont see random PvP at the Hot Springs as frequently, that's true, because individuals and sides continue to have a purpose on the server. It hasn't burned out. The Admin is also banning the hell out of Adrenaline bots and RMT'ers, and I'm sure that's not sitting well with many L2 players who engage in one or both. Will either be eliminated? No. But it sure is refreshing to see a server that does all it can to hunt these things. In comparison to most projects these days, this server is committed, and people have responded favorably to that. That's why it continues to have the numbers it does, despite the lag issues on the first sieges and epics, which again, have been resolved. Furthermore, the server population is still extremely healthy, and we're more than 1 month in, which means it has overcome the typical abandon ship behavior of the L2 community. In short, it isn't vulnerable to the erratic community. People are sticking to this place and are changing the norm, and waves will continue joining because this place isn't short-lived. In conclusion, the server is both competitive and long-lasting, as many Interlude players are tired of the constant repetition and server jumping. We did that for a few years, fine, but now it's outdated. If projects and a portion of the L2 community want to carry on with that cycle of repetition, okay. If they want to go on calling themselves competitive, that's fine too. But those who are tired of quick burnouts should join committed projects like this one.
  9. The fraps you found from Warland Baium don't reflect the actual numbers. Two major alliances, including the one that actual took Baium didn't even show up in the video. To be fair, though, the said clan in the video probably chose to include these fraps because there were major lag issues at peak. Thankfully tonight on Tezza lags have been resolved. When I said there are 5 big sides with an average of 10 CP each (give or take, some a bit more, some a bit less) I wasn't making things up like some sort of moron. If you don't believe me, log on the next big epic to verify, since you seem to have taken interest. But needless to say you still haven't gotten the point. No worries, this might help you. It will take time, but eventually you'll come to understand. It's 15/10/2019 today. Let's make a comparison of fraps again on 15/11/2019 between these two projects.
  10. Yesterday on Baium my side had 11 CPs, and we weren't even the largest side out of the 5 big ones that participated. in fact, I think we were like 3rd in numbers. So pretty much 500+ on TOI 13 and I'm being conservative with my estimates. Anyhow, I doubt that all these people are insane for persisting on playing here, really. I don't know whether large numbers overall will last or die out quickly, though. I guess we'll see. Maybe it also helps that the rates at x12 are attracting both mid-rate community and low rate community. Of course it's still "mid-rate" at x12, but if a term existed I'd say it's a "low-mid rate server". But in order for it to work people need to believe that the server will have a sufficient longevity, which I guess they were convinced by the previous server staying open for 3 years. In short, people had faith that the server wont die out quickly. Maybe "seasonal servers" should start taking note of this. Maybe they should abandon the 4 wipes a year model in favor of something that emphasizes on providing a platform where the server doesn't empty out in a month or so. Of course to achieve this you need an admin who's commited. I think Warland did well there. Its rates are appropriate, its gradual donation scheme ensures that big pay2win isn't as immediately impactful, and by trying to tackle bots while providing an auto-feature for ALL, a large percentage of the population isn't disheartened after a while upon seeing pro-bots running around in gear they couldn't hope to acquire. People can go on and saying that I'm spitting nonsense all they want, I'm onto something and I know it. :P
  11. An aesthetically pleasing Interface elevates the game, I agree. I wouldn't be against the idea of private projects actually providing in-depth intefarces (in collaboration with their respective creators, of course) within their own patches. I actually wouldn't be against edited animations, either. Like the one where an OLs curses area of effect are highlighted. However, the reason I'd prefer private projects to provide it within their own patch is to have a fair and competitive enviornment, granting access to the oblivious as well. That would be great, actually. Having a 3rd party program running bots to heal your main char on the other hand is lame and ruins the game, which is why I'm super anti-script. There's a thin line between elevating a game and ruining it.
  12. I can only speak for myself. I actually find your work to be amazing. I don't agree with some modifications/addons (gameplay wise), but that's personal taste. But that doesn't mean that your work shouldn't be commended.
  13. No no, I meant the other dude. I just mentioned that auto-farm/banning people with 3rd party programs could be bad for your business. That's all when it comes to you. :P Anyway, you seem like a nice guy. Have a nice day.
  14. Of course that's not the only con. That being said, by highlighting more pros than cons in my argument I'm obviously endorsing the server as someone who has consumed a product and has formed an opinion on it. Someone displeased with the server would do the exact opposite. In fact, there is another lenghty post that does exactly that within this topic. I was pleased with the product, I posted more pros in my argument. He/she was displeased by it, he/she presented more cons. Trust me, if I had highlighted more pros and more cons, the only thing that would possibly change is your evaluation of what is considered an "essay" and whatnot. The pros would still outweigh the cons, as evaluating a product is often opinionated. My opinion is - without a doubt - in favor of this server. Furthermore, you consider the idea of an in-game auto farm to be nonsense based on the premises that 3rd party programs are hunted. Fine, that's your opinion, okay. However, I could point out that you haven't actually tried it in practice as you clarified that you aren't playing here. Well, maybe you tried it, I cant know for sure, but that is besides the point. As for my point on why I consider it to be effective, I already explained in my previous post. But make no mistake, a limited feature such as "hit mobs", shouldn't be considered by any means to be comparad to a 3rd party program, which via its scripts can affect the PvP element of the game, or engage in complex actions that render the person behind the monitor as useful as a flowerpot would be. Anyhow, it's all opinionated in the end. I'm sure the people who upvoted your post also have an opinion on this place. But I cant help but note the irony. One is a notorious interface developer (amongst other things), the other was banned from this server, and my personal favorite has the username "Adre.Bot". Maybe this concept is a bit bad for business? Thought it was worth mentioning. : D
  15. So, it’s been a little over two weeks since the server started, and I think it’s time I made an in-depth review of this place. First of all, let’s begin with the controversial features. The server provides an auto-farm function that assists you in your daily farm. I know there are skeptics out there, as I was actually one of them, considering I’m staunchly anti-bot when it comes to this game. Nevertheless, I’ve come to accept a simple, inevitable reality when it comes to Lineage 2; L2Adrenaline and other 3rd party programs cannot be eliminated. They can be hindered, they can come with the threat of getting banned, but never entirely removed from the equation. To those who want to experience something close to a fair game, I believe L2Warland is your best bet right now (at least for Interlude), as the Admin here is on a crusade of sorts against 3rd party programs. For example, yesterday he handed out 20 bans or so, and he’s been hunting 3rd party programs on a daily basis. Regardless, L2Adrenaline continues to plague the server, much like it does on virtually all servers these days. The key difference here is that the Admin does all he can to limit it, and he’s been a lot more successful in doing so compared to your average Interlude server these days, where hunting bots is pretty much non-existent. Now, I’m coming back to the in-game auto-farm feature. It’s simple, reliable, and limited to basic PvE. Everyone can access it, and thus its actually a useful tool in somewhat balancing the playing field between a 3rd party user and a normal player. For this concept alone, I think it’s a necessary evil that works in practice. You’re equipped with something that gives you a chance against a pro-botter when it comes to character progression. Another thing you’ll see more frequently on L2Warland is banning for RMT. Will this be eliminated? Of course not, but it’s refreshing to see an Admin trying to tackle this issue, as well. Now lets go for the cons. The server files aren’t the best around and there have been stability issues, and major lags in the first sieges. This was quite bad, I admit, but there have been solid assurances that this will be resolved in the future and I have good reason to believe that they will be. Finally the pros, the server is long-term and the Admin has proven that it’s long term by keeping the previous server open for more than three years, which is pretty much unheard of these days. So even if you take a long break, you can come back to this place in a few months and you’ll still have all your characters and items. Also, currently the server is enjoying a great population, while a healthy influx of players keep on joining. At x12 rates you can catch up quite easily while assuring that the server is going to keep on giving you things to do for quite a while. This is also another good thing. You missed the first two weeks? Big deal, you can catch up easily. The server also has a unique donation sceme which is also very effective in practice. You pretty much donate for "blessing" your account. This account blessing, depending on the amount you donate, grants you custom coins every 24 hours. So example, if you drop 100 euros on donating, you don't "insta-win". The payout will be given gradually over a period of 25 days. This is massively important, because one cannot simply drop some euros and get instant results, thus creating a disbalance. Don't get me wrong, it's very beneficial to "bless" your account, but the gradual sceme and the influx being gradual doesn't break the balance of power between a non-donate and a donate player, in fact, I dare say that it also benefits the non-donator in market ways. To conclude, if you’re looking for a server that provides a game-play that aims to keep it fair between pro-botters and your average player, has tons of potential, is long term, and with an active staff that doesn’t succumb to the bad side of the L2 community, then join L2Warland, because this place is going to be around to enjoy for a long time.