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  1. When an allegation can be proven on a whim (download two different patches and log on to the same exact server), a better course of action is to remain silent, hoping it eventually gets swept under a rug, opposed to denying the said allegation with over the top sarcasm. That being said, an even better course of action - given the inevitability of the said allegation's exposure - would be to publically confirm it, and openly brand it as "a marketing campaign in hopes of attracting a larger population". Now, would the said practice be appreciated by potential players? Most likely not, but it's still miles better than trying to blatantly deceive them, while sticking to a lost cause of denial. Anyhow, I strongly suggest you reassess your strategy. Good luck with your project.
  2. It's a new trend, he also did this with / L2Mid.
  3. You'll see a lot of these projects coming up again while the quarantine is still in effect. :P
  4. Hello, will platinum armors/weapons be available via donate upon launch or added on a later date?
  5. It's currently opening as a mid-rate interlude project, so I don't see how what you're claiming should affect our judgement. If you want to play on a mid-rate IL server this place is definitely worth checking out, especially considering the current landscape in the said category.
  6. I've seen more than what I'm usually willing to chew, I admit. That being said, I have mixed feelings about this server. I suppose we cant complain since the features make it perfectly clear that this isn't a retail-like experience when it comes to class dynamics, especially inside the Olympiad. It's custom, and custom modifications do exactly what one might expect; they change the dynamics. Is it for the better? No, I wouldn't say so. On the other hand I don't want to be overly critical of this server, as it has created a platform where a PvP server can survive for more than a few days, being able to maintain a satisfactory online number within a limited world setting, making the server feel "alive". The recipe is pretty straight forward. Since PvP servers remove most elements of the game, it replaces those elements with a Raid Boss hunting loop. Players constantly compete or kill Raids that have a relatively small re-spawn time. Said raids are the only way of obtaining custom gear (excluding donations). One armor piece per raid. So the loop is strong that way, assisting with longevity. But since it's in its 4th "season", I feel that the staff behind this server should have taken more liberties in shuffling it up a bit. Improve and develop it, bit by bit, and perhaps tweak some things here and there in order to provide a better (at least in my opinion) experience.
  7. Why have you removed magic attack skills via augments? It makes oly a lot more interesting so classes like supports are very good, and it makes oly experience a lot more versatile and fun. I mean all we'll see outside of town are archers, nukers, and titans (for rbs), since this is an IL pvp server. At least we'll see more versatility inside Olympiad if you include magic attack skills.
  8. There's no comparison between Warland and these 1 month mid-rate servers. It's like comparing apples with oranges.
  9. No need for Hellbound anyway, better to just jump to Gracia chapters for part 2 and then maybe a part 3 with HF. I'll be keeping a close eye on this one. Good luck with development process. Really hard to do something like this, but if you pull it off it will be amazing lol.
  10. I haven't seen something like this in a while, and I really think it would be nice to get to experience chronicle progression (to some extent) again. I'm really intrigued by this. So you plan on doing something like c4/Interlude that will eventually jump to later chronicles like Hellbound/Gracia?
  11. Hello Dev, I think everyone accepts the notion that servers have an expiration date. But there's a difference between a two week server, a two month server, and a one year server. The real challenge is to maintain a population that is considered "healthy" relative to the open world environment of the game for as long as possible. Private servers are meant to die within a time-frame like that, because simply put, they cannot update into later chronicles, gradually, thus providing new content every so often. Let me remind you that retail went from Prelude (c0) to Interlude within 3 years, on x1 rates. So of course private servers, with higher rates and without the luxury of chronicle progression are going to have a much shorter lifespan.