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  1. Might get into this as I cant seem to find a decent mid-rate server these days. Any thoughts on introducing some sort of starter pack in the near future? :P
  2. Never really got into these chronicles, but the project looks really well made. I'm going to try this when it comes out.
  3. Couldn't agree more with King Stannis, especially the part about the emo-quitting clans and their mentality.
  4. Hello Corv. I think your question a bit too broad due to the many variations of server rates and chronicles. Is there anything in particular you're a bit more passionate about over the others? I mean, in your mind, what would be an ideal server? Every variation (at least for rates) has its player base, more or less. As an old player myself that occasionally revisits L2, I've enjoyed both lower rates and higher rates. I think the main problem these days is people have a very short attention span. They jump servers way too often, and project runners are mostly in for the quick money grab. But it's not all their fault, to be fair. People jump way too often and have come to accept the "2-4 week" server culture. While botters have completely ruined the game for me. Anyhow, on to your actual question. My ideal server, at the given moment, would be something along the lines of x15 or so. I find the pace acceptable without it being too demanding or too rushing. I'd like it to be kept relatively close to retail game-play. No GM shops, no infinite buff slots, no AIO NPC buffers. The last 10 mid rate servers I've joined are the typical "Multi-craft" servers. Where people RUSH everything and NPC conveniences are added. I'm sort of done with that. On the other hand every time I've joined something like and x5/x7 server I've found myself looking at a big mountain, and failing to climb it. So yeah, for starters, x15 or so would do it for me personally.
  5. I cant really blame those who have adjusted their game-play in recent years, but no one can deny that L2 was at its best prior to all these auto add-ons and stuff. Well, truthfully L2 was great around a decade ago and earlier. Then it gradually went to sh1t in many ways.
  6. I can say for a fact that the server doesn't have 1k people, but in any case, for a PvP server it's okay. I enjoyed how the server enchanting works. You basically go up to +12 easily with blessed (100%), and avoid the hassle of standing in front of an NPC to test your luck for a long amount of time, which is annoying and boring. Then, you simply farm via raid bosses, adena farming, or party zones to drop Extreme enchants to gradually work your way up to +13/14/15/16. This gives you some incentive to keep raiding and stuff even after acquiring top gear, and helps with areas being contested by different clans, thus creating plenty of PvP. My only slight complaint is the augment donations and allowing 1+1 (passive+active). I understand donations are necessary, otherwise why would someone open a PvP server in 2019, but the gap between non-donates and donates becomes a bit too wide. Then again, everything is done via Donate Coins which can be traded, so technically you can use the donate augment system without actually donating. I would have liked if augments didn't stack with 1+1, though .Perhaps something to consider on a future project. Sometimes less is more.