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  1. Hi! How to attach such animation to the cloak? I know that in AdditionalItemgrp all the animations are recorded, but how does the animation find where to attach? Where do I specify it? In the script? Can I add a bone? But where to specify that the animation should be attached to the cloak?
  2. The effect of skeletons from the island of HB, suitable for any NPC. Interlude. cdp_effect
  3. Hello! How to make the character save the weapon in his hand?) The HF Chronicles format * .fbx The model can be inserted into the hand through obj, but then the texture turns into "meat", and then the game breaks the texture into a weapon. If this is done through max, actor, YE, it works like this, but the texture is in place: PS If someone really helps with the problem, I will not regret, I'll throw off on beer / chocolate. And I want to learn specifically, it's not for sales. I do for myself.
  4. Greetings! I looked at the video, and did so. It does not work :( True, this time I was able to achieve that there was a line "Emitters =", but I could not get it to work. Just in the client HF does not have skill.usk file, so I missed the point with Hex. Even the Internet is the same animation that I'm trying to do myself, the only difference from my file is the line "bSunAffect = true". http://www.mediafire.com/file/50vaa0kfsj1k7je/Hellow.rar Thx!
  5. http://www.mediafire.com/file/2ju94m7s42gramk/unreal+effect.rarthis?