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  1. Yeah but doesn't it need also scripts/skills etc rework?
  2. I'm affraid its not that simple, you have to downgrade the extender for that to work, and it requires time and effort, but definitely doable.
  3. Because you are lying, simple as that. On the very first quote you said its not trance's pack that people suspect, so you are a big fat liar. I do not care that you use it, I care that you lie, you lie to your players, no matter if they are a lot or few. Lies are lies. First you only used htmls, now you say you used spawnlst, pathetic, you used the whole pack, but so ashamed to admit it like a man. This is a typical trance l2gold pack, with somewhat changed spawns and stuff. That's the whole title your server deserves. You worked really hard to change some spawns, what a great developer you are.
  4. Such a liar: In Trance's pack same npc is floating in the air, dude, tried to hide with the html thing but now... busted. Why are you ashamed to say that you use Trance's pack? Is it for the same reason you hid your online players count on your website? Did you expext people to be dumb and not notice that you use a preconf pack and just changed some spawns and some buffs to the buffer? GG with the interface, you made the pack better lol. Go go fast //del npc and spawn it on the ground before people notice that you lied again. God I hate liars.
  5. Those two links should have that content:
  6. Im not criticizing of course, just saying my opinion, since you fixed those small errors why the compiled version you sold him was outdated? About the votes yes its due to vote websites changing, also about the system, its not the items that disappear, its the character from the left window wher items are equipped, we are using what you gave, L2Eos 1.08 windows 8 ONLY on a clean client, applied, each time it happens, after 5 minutes, 10 minutes, its random.
  7. Yes but your signature says otherwise: L2J Freya pack High modded , ready for live ! Low price and features you never seen ! I tested this pack, a friend of mine in this very thread bought it, first of all the network vote isnt working, because you misspelled the voicecommand, easy to fix(with or without source), some htmls have errors but nothing major, easy to fix again, color npc has wrong values, easy to fix as well, l2topzone ain't working at all, and the inventory bug, the character disappear for a long time, thus you can only see the items on slots and on inventiry, even with a restart the character doesnt come back, somerthing is wrong with your system afaik. Also solo instance, has no name, when you enter or exit it shows as UndefinedInstance. Overall its a simple pack, with some features here and there, nothing more.
  8. I understand, wish you good luck with that. I tried an cached from IL, but same thing happens, I really don't know where else to look, maybe lin2world sql script? Did you modify it by any means?
  9. Nice share, nice you finally did it, only thing that bothers me is the skillsbar, when you restart the server they go away, by restarting l2 they come back, trying to find a fix for it, its weird.