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  1. any news on the new version being cracked? or the guide =)
  2. any idea where i can get a guide? as the bot's main site seems to be down <_> just something to get me started till you post you're guide :D
  3. sorry for the lack of support guys >.< it's just that i've quit l2, so am kinda..not in the field anymore x) waiting for Aion :D
  4. This topic was made for interlude servers..it can bypass any bakeice'd interlude servers..it will NOT bypass lower or higher chronichles..so it won't work on DN when it updates to hellbound..unless a new l2fork was made...and its not up to me to make it..the l2fork in this topic is sltbnjr's
  5. @melcisor ,log walker client 1st..then log bakeice client......
  6. l2 net is awesome used for a while ,it just need to be more... noob-friendly XD it has many unique features that most bots don't have..but some of it is kinda..advanced..unlike walker..which is pretty easy to set/figure out for even a first timer in botting thats the only thing l2.net missing to beat walker :P
  7. maybe you could post the bot's official website? to get more info about it and stuff,thanks in advance :)
  8. @Grantz l2fork acts a little weird some times..but since i didn't make it i can't say much :P ,but as far as i know,this is the only version available..so..you will just have to live with it =/ @ardemina i guess you mean without bake ice client? no.
  9. @magicpt from your l2fork log..it seems that you logged bakeice client before l2 walker.. and this is for interlude only =/
  10. 400 is abit too much? or it was meant to be sorta ..private or so? sorry if i sound like spamming or something..was just wondering :P
  11. @mataro ,as far as i know,frintezza no longer use bake ice , so this bypass might not work there @firoos and lightsummoner you shouldn't get this error with my system folder..since there is a game guard killer dll's in it..try redownloading the folder maybe? if not..try putting some game guard killer dll's ,use search if more ppl has this after downloading and using my system folder please say..so i make another folder..i don't have DN client atm so i can't test and for the 2nd SS there is NO way you get this error unless you are starting the l2.exe from bakeice folder..so double c
  12. the difference is in the "packets" you send and receive .this bypass guide with all the tools in it are made for interlude..so there is no way in the world to get it to work for any other version..every chronicle uses different login packets, there for interlude login packets cannot be used for any other chronicles..hope i made this clear enough this time..this bypass is ONLY for interlude period.
  13. you can't use this bypass for ANY OTHER VERSION THAN "INTERLUDE" @tom5282 , all links are working dude -.-
  14. with the new style it kinda..depends on how fast you cast :P ,the faster you cast..the more crits you'll do..plus mages do nice dmg anyway :P
  15. files are corrupted? try re downloading the walker then? and your talking about ingame walker or oog walker? cuz this is OOG walker guide...
  16. @nuno10 did you try to reinstall .net framework ? @ekler fakin edit yout reply man..don't quote the whole post just to spam................
  17. again..i didn't "make" any tools included in this step-by-step tut ...i just made the tutorial for all those who couldn't understand the "method" that was provided by sltbnjr.. and the reason this won't work on other chronicles isn't the "version" of bake ice..the packets are different in every chronicle..so you can't use the same reroute we'r using on other chronicles other than interlude..to make it work on higher chronicles ..sltbnjr will have to make another tool to reroute the connection to server for other chronicles ..so its up to him i dunno shiit in coding ;P
  18. to all who gets this error in l2fork : 15:20:16 - Proxy kicked~ 15:20:16 - Proxy GS connection->Add to queue 15:20:16 - Error! No remote connection is waiting this means that the oog walker is not logged in..you need to be a little fast after you login with the walker,switch fast to the bakeice client and login
  19. @krakc if your having issues with the texture of items/mobs w.e ingame all you have to do is copy the .DAT files from your bakeice system folder and paste them in the walker system folder
  20. @Grantz , it works on any interlude server that has bakeice protection.
  21. appears no character at all? or you see the name but the character is invisible? if invisible then its a matter of .dat files..just copy the ones from your normal system..if not..try logging some other account other than that..dunno :(
  22. did you extract the oog walker compressed file into a folder? -.-
  23. @negrin021 first of all..what the hell is "pj" ? second..what server you play at?is it interlude?cuz this bypass won't work on anything other than interlude and am sorry i didn't really get what are you saying..to use this bypass on other servers than DN..IF you can't find a clean system folder (walker folder) download DN system folder,put it in your main lineage2 folder,copy all the .dat files from your "bakeice system folder",and paste it inside the DN system folder,it should work fine.