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  1. @cybersick ,well..i made the step by step guide what.like over a month ago?and still its not fixed/patched w.e...so yea..it won't get fixed any time soon i guess :P ,but still..lame protection better than servers with no protection or with fire.dll like darkside XD
  2. cant be scripted by walker x) ,walker's scripting potentials are very limited kinda..
  3. @wachstiel am sorry man.. i don't understand you =/ ,post some screen shots..maybe i understand your problem better then.. @pnikkosis , it will never work pnikk..the bypass will never make it work..you basically "fool" the server when you login..you log to a fake login server,then bypass the connection from the "real" login server making connection to the game server..so if you tried to login you will need to do the bypass all over to login..and to be honest..i never used that option..i more use it as..a protection :P , when am in a spot where not many ppl go..i set it for example..when p
  4. well.. IF it works.. gather enough ppl for killing the RB..duel each other..and go kill the rb x)
  5. @wachstiel its supposed to go no further than the select server screen..when you select and log on the server you want,switch back to the walker and you should log on your character there (on OOG) @tonmp,i really dunno man =/ , am also having a hard time starting the 10.7.4 oog walker..it worked before i re install windows..but now it simply doesn't.. hope someone else has any idea how to fix/avoid this issue
  6. @mike2k22 try using my system folder,and copy all the .dat files from your bakeice system into my system..tell me if it works :)
  7. this means the walker didn't connect to the fake server (l2fork) there for there is no connection waiting ...cause is probably you didn't start walker with token.exe ,or using wrong token..or connecting to wrong ip..if you used the walker i uploaded with the settings..then you should have none of the problems i just mentioned..probably just you didn't start from token.exe
  8. @nap77 this happens sometimes..l2fork acts abit awkward some times..all you have to do..is close l2fork and start it again..if you got it again.. close all clients opened including bakeice and open them again. @ahamzz google for a crack? god..some people want to be fed knowledge with a spoon >.>
  9. l2walker doesn't support the cp variable..but i think l2superman does since it has way more options and yea,you can use l2.net it supports pvp AND farming unlike walker..only farming
  10. @pnikkosis violet means "flagged" ,and no it cant be made as a variable..but what i use is..use the syntax hp,=<,99 but only use it when your going to start pvp..cause else..it will spam the pots whenever your hp is less than 99%..or you can set the % for lower if you wish...
  11. i dunno if its the same as windows xp...i never used vista... but on xp... you right click on walker exe..then properties>compatibility
  12. on darkside you just need to remove the file : fire.dll and you can bot .... so try that on your server ;)
  13. @ tonmp , you didnt log the walker first @dominator ,please post yout "full" l2fork guide and that walker says @dayvi ,try closing everything and try again @dice07, did you set the gameserver proxy? @simosis , make sure u checked "[]real map" option at the map area
  14. well... l2fork errors are kinda.. unpredictable..some times i logged 5 clients..and when i log the 6th..it gives an error..but i don't get "constant" errors and dissconnects...only every now and then.. it gives an error in l2fork..nothing big..so for now.. use l2fork and thank stlbnjr for making it on the first place.. if you don't like it that much.. try making one your self.. or wait till someone else does ;)
  15. you have to use the walker i posted here.. u can use the map from any other walker with maps you downloaded...or any map folder you downloaded
  16. if you just want to use the noblesse skill "summon cp pots" then its easy.. put it in buffs area,and set it auto detect..
  17. since i quited DN.. i will share the tateo script using the emp's..... since people are too lazy to learn how to debug a script.. its like learning ABC's... but anyway : http://rapidshare.com/files/134895008/Egg_Delivery_Quest_-EMP.SEC.html and to run a script.. put you script in "SCRIPT" folder,and when your ingame..go to "SCRIPTS" tab.. and then under it "script Run" ,select your wanted script and press run.. and oyu start it infront of the npc "Jeremy" PS: DN is a waste of time -.-
  18. one sentence for you.............. GET A NEW GLASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=19305.0 its in the fucking stickies..... stop being lazy people...we got you the tools and a guide to use them...just look in the stickies!
  19. np mate... but you should always check what people say..and that guide was the previous one..i made this guide thanks to "thedarkrs" hes the one who posted the new "method" for one pc..i just made the screen shots steps..bla bla.. and sorry about the links guys.. adlerbr's virtual drive seems to be not working.. guess he didn't log in it for over a month :s added megaupload links..since thats what ppl asked for.. rapidshare links will be added sometime between today and tomorrow...enjoy ;D
  20. maybe you need to read the guide before you post perhaps....?
  21. @Cyberbata, uhm? -.-' dude.. thats the method in my guide.. wtf >.>? and i will upload the files in more than 1 site.. give me few minutes
  22. means u didn't log the walker client before u log bakeice client >.>
  23. @xabe54 , this is oog walker,its made basically for farming and farmers.. if you want to enjoy lineage2 gfx,use ig walker ;) @cuppacoffee from what i read... you mean that when u select server on bakeice it doesn't go to character screen? if so ,then nothing wrong..your not supposed to see character screen,tho u should see your character on walker,if u still got problems,post your l2fork log please PS: i can't use oog walker 10.7.4 anymore.. i get error and i cant seem to fix it.. only got this after reinstalling windows,if anyone encountered this problem and solved it,please reply ;
  24. that's because you don't use l2asrv -.- and l2asrv shows the message ur talking about when ur using OOG walker..this is IG walker,the message show in the verify info in the "Other Ctrl" tab so its either u don't use l2asrv as u just mentioned or u didnt follow the login steps right.. u must unzip the hosts when ur at the login screen of the bakeice client(b4 u log)