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  1. sorry if i wasn't really active recently ;P , been busy,i was checking every now and then,most problems ppl had was cuz they don't follow the guide..so didn't feel the "need" for me to post anything..anyway,uploading latest DN folder (as in the updated one)
  2. @baseballman this means the walker isn't logged to the fake server,did you log from walker ?
  3. @airusx set your proxifier all over and try again ,seems that your problem is that the proxifier does not redirect the bakeice connection to l2fork..
  4. @ppcondo , you can use my system folder....if you play in server other than DN ..copy the .DAT files in your server's system folder and put them in mine and overwrite what exists
  5. @mili1990 maybe you don't get it...but i will explain...10.7.4 is a c5 walker,by the help of sltbnjr he made a packets changer,so the packets send and recived by the walker will be changed from c5 to interlude packets , and in that way we have the walker working on interlude server and we have it patched . and the reason when you enter wrong password it doesn't say its wrong,is because your logging on a fake server (l2fork) it will let you log with any id and pw ,the pw doesn't matter,but you must login with the same id on both walker and bakeice client. so before you start acting lame
  6. @bddblade the bypass is working fine..all DN is using it,plus other servers the topic is almost 50 pages long and have been viewed 27688 times since i made it..so yea,its you who did something wrong or so @queijo make proxifier target game_guard and try and if the crit error appeared again ,use my system folder , and copy the .dat files from your server's folder and tell me how did it go ;)
  7. the guide says you should use 10.8.6? -.- use the one in the damn guide.. >.> 10.8.6 won't work cuz l2asrv won't bypass its verification...and there isn't any crack that i know off for 10.8.6
  8. do you guys press "ok" or you just mark on the "dragon" fake server? >.>
  9. i dunno really man.sorry :S sltbnjr is the one who wrote l2fork code..hope he sees this post
  10. @kohegen its kinda of a random error...just close l2fork and all the things that is opened..and start over..should work fine after that @jelen i can't really tell you a fix....i have the same shit my self...used it for a while and couldn't use it after i reinstalled windows <.> ,and we'r not alone on this..many ppl has problems running that walker but ah well..dun really know a fix sorry.
  11. nope your not the only one with that problem..i even got it..and i use kaspersky AV ,its not a trojan i think..just..the antivirus recognise it as a virus cuz it crack the walker verification ,but still..use at your own responsibility ,and if you got a clean one to upload ..be my guest :) well..as i said before..you have to be a little..fast when your logging in..it takes like 10 seconds..if you didn't login in that time the server will time out...just be a little faster at the login process (alt+tab to walker ;))
  12. well...i dunno why AV's getting l2asrv as a trojan..but i tried over 5 different arv's each from different site..and am getting the same..if anyone has a clean version of l2asrv 0.51 please..upload it or pm me with link as for not authorized issue..are you on adminstrator account?i can't really think of other reasons..
  13. to bot on darkside..just delete fire.dll ;D ,could work for other servers that freezes you when you log with walker PS: you will get some dc's in certain areas...
  14. well..it seems that you either didn't extract hosts..or you didn't run l2asrv.
  15. you did nothing wrong,its the normal thing..your character should be logged on the oog client... well..i don't like OOG(Out Of Game)..its not so cool..just ..it doesn't use much memory :P ,almost none so instead of runing clients on my pc and having a crap load of frame lags..i can use 2 IG (In Game)walker..and rest oog :) ,so i have my cata party..a spoiler and a pp seeding mobs,and a shop or 2 at town ,on a pc that can hold only 3 clients and will still be able to open alot more :D only downside of OOG walker..you can't really see what your character is doing ingame..you could be
  16. if you use IG walker..you won't need server ip..if you want to use OOG walker..then you will need : IP,TOKEN,and possibly walker offset there are many ways to crack walker verification..depends on the version.. you should post better info about the server..like name of server,what kind of protection it has,what version is it? interlude,garcia? more info = better support
  17. well..to make a script..you need 3 things : Knowing the Variables,Creativity,Patience. i can only give you the variable..the rest you got to have by your self :P i did not write them..but i also dunno who wrote them cuz its copied on all over the net by different authors...but it has been useful ;) Variables: MOVETO(x,Y,Z) Moves to x,Y,Z. You can check your posistion by clicking: SETUP | OPTION - Pathing | .Cur NPCSEL(name[iD=x]) Chooses NPC. Can select an NPC within the field of range. Noticed that you can select them even if you don't use ID. IE: NPCSEL(Sovin)
  18. only cracked walkers can be used in any version higher than interlude...or you could just use l2.net (free) ;)
  19. guide was too large to put in same topic with the english one >.< ,had to make a new one but please..if your gonna post questions..it better be in english or i won't answer >.>
  20. This is the Spanish version of my guide,Spanish translation full credits goes to " hub " ;) NO SE NECESITAN 2 PC , NI VIRTUAL MACHINE( Emulador de Pc)! Esto es un modo de pc, facil peazy Creditos para : sltbnjr , adlerbr , thedarkrs Por el ultimo metodo ;D , y a mi por la guia ::) Aca esta el video hecho por sltbnjr mostrando como funciona :) http://www.mediafire.com/?jx5mwbgynm3 SI VOS SEGUISTE LA GUIA Y NO TE FUNCIONO, PORFAVOR LEE LAS FAQ ( PREGUNTAS FRECUENTES )Al final de la GUIA ¡! Herramientas Necesarias: 1- L2W IG (El que voy a explicar) yo uso1.79
  21. are you sure you did read the guide? -.- the 1st lines in my guide says there is no need for virtual machine or 2nd pc >.>'
  22. @bandit close proxifier and run bakeice client normal . @wachstiel because there is no "boxes" its called treasure chests..boxes is sorta..a client mod that some servers has to allow player to know the chests from boxes..but not in OOGwalker..
  23. sorry for the absence x) , been in sorta..vacation :P anyway..back to topic @zule88 its normal to say "proxy kicked" your problem is that you log the "bakeice client" BEFORE the "walker client" ,try logging the walker client 1st then the bakeice client , am sure it will work ;D @caalem i would like to know too x) , i tried to google that girlinred virus..no info about it..i got this l2asrv from AdlerBR virtual drive if i remember well..i tried to find a clean one..but couldn't...if anyone has l2asrv0.51 "clean" please pm me the link or post here and will update the guide,thank
  24. @bongobongo28 i checked that with my kaspersky antivirus and it found some girlinred trojan..never heard of,even looked it up over the net,but no info...if you got a clean one or anyone got a clean one..please upload asap..