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  1. i don't think it does.. its same as opening with a key.. and it will only work if you can 1 hit a box from your lvl... so if u can 1 hit lvl 70+ boxes.. will work the same ;) and as all boxes.. highest percent to adena,then enchant armor , then enchant weapon.. sometimes nothing at all
  2. yes it work for interlude.. but i cant get it to verfy.. cant find any "crack" around.. and i DID search.. all the posts i found was in request section and with no replys in it.. and i know adlerbr's 4shared folder,i alway get my walkers from him , but thats not the point.. what i want is.. a crack for oog 10.8.6 .. or a topic about it.. and sorry if am too blind.. but from what ive searched.. i found nothing that is related to what i need..
  3. hello, i never used l2w oog.. but since i wanna use more than 5 clients x) , i need one ... i searched.. googled.. came out with nothing almost... so if anyone would be kind enough to tell me where to get OOG l2w, it would nice =)
  4. uhm.. walker is walker.. it got nothing to do with the client.. so yea.. it works in "all" but.. be ware that with the settings mentioned you will be opening both.. chests and boxes,and u don't hit back.. from what ive tested anyway.. so. make sure u got a char behind ur back to kill the "chests"
  5. a different thread? oO i only posted my system folder here.. maybe ur "confused" ... i only made this guide.. i just changed the contents of it and made the "easier" steps , but no, never made other topic about bake ice oO
  6. if ur lvl is higher than the box (box is blue for example) even if u opened with a key it wont give u shit.. so be around the box's lvl .... i will try this soon =)
  7. so far l2fork didn't receive connection from the bake ice client.. so.. something is not working right with proxifier..try firewall and etc..
  8. i dunno.. but seems that proxifier just doesn't work for some ppl...a friend of mine having probs with it.. even if he used my settings file... and @ dice07 , you problem is with proxifier , apparently it didn't proxy gameserver connection to l2fork..from what i understand from what u said.. u follow the steps and when your at the bakeice login server step,u pass the servers selection screen and get to char selection screen right? if so.. then yea.. its a proxifier problem..please go back to proxifier settings and check them
  9. its sltbnjr's ... he said its not ready yet to be released , what that dos windows does is change the c5 packet used in walker to c6 packets... atleast thats what i understood.. so... hope its ready soon >.>
  10. @ cabra and nuno , read the guide good guys... login WALKER client FIRST .. THEN login the bake ice client.. both of you did the opposite and logged in bake ice 1st... @cabra wtf everyone complains about the same issue over and over.. ffs read the guide!!! omg!! ITS WITH PICTURES! >.> , check step 6... @adrian almost same as cabra and nuno.. log walker 1st..select server..log bake ice.. select server..then go back to walker client and select char... and make sure u press "OK" after u select the server... if you still cant log..post the l2fork log.. and check proxifier settin
  11. dunno about limit.. didn't open much boxes b4.. but yea.. l2fork malfunctions sometimes..anyone got more feedback about this issue?
  12. l2fork some times.. acts funny x) when your unable to login more than once... just close it and close other clients and it will login after that
  13. well i dunno.. i think u did smth wrong.. i have proxifier always on and it works just fine..but w.e works for u :) and about OOG , i wasn't able to get it to work.. sltbnjr video had oog login included.. but he uses c5 oog with interlude interface.. he uses his "tool" the little dos windows you saw.. but he already mentioned its not ready for release.. and check the "FAQ" i added in the end of my 1st post if your having problems ;)
  14. i dunno really =/ but no.. i don't remember proxifier asking to change anything... i will reinstall it and check
  15. wtf you mean with network setting oO all you got to do is set up proxifier , and MAKE SURE in the rules windows u select : Process Only The Following + Manually proxified and be sure to put an ip range to gameguard.des and this way it will only proxy gameguard.des , am sure that u checked " process all except the following + manually proxified " instead of " Process Only The Following + Manually proxified "
  16. wlover, u need to make proxifier proxy gameguard.des IN bakeice system folder, NOT walker system folder
  17. For those who is getting hacking tool detected and play in other server than DN ... you will need to put a gameguard killer DLL's in your "Bake ice system folder". and nuno10 , am about 90% sure that your problem is with the proxifier, make sure guys that you did everything in step (5) point (5) right,
  18. @lol1234 , if your playing dragon network , download the system folder i uploaded , if you play in other bake ice server , use a CLEAN system folder....like ..install interlude client and use the system folder it has and replace the l2.ini i uploaded here and yea,since bake ice deletes hosts i made the hosts file self extract file..uploaded it last night ... just check the damn guide.. its in step 12
  19. then u did something wrong.. its 100% working.. am all day logged in with walker.. tell us more info? server, got an error? which step u got stuck at?
  20. DN(Dragon-Network) is interlude (c6) with some kamael features..and yes.. u need 2 interlude clients, one on walker pc and other on official pc.. follow the guide and it will work :)
  21. well.. i dunno it microsoft virtual pc 2007 supports d3d.. but i think it doesn't.. which is why we mentioned vmware just download the vmware mentioned in the guide and it should work :)
  22. ah well.. after all.. this is a cheat-ing forum xD added the link :)
  23. aw.. so i can post warez links? :o thought i shouldn't... gonna add to guide ;D but no -how-to-set-vmware- guide.. its not why this guide was made for :<