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  1. yes ChrisB,bake ice = the normal system folder, or dn system folder if u play on DN ...if any other server then its the default system folder u have in your client,and the clean system folder (my system folder if ur in DN) goes in same client as bakeice in..so u will have 2 system folders in ur interlude client.. "system" and the one u make(my folder for example)
  2. u didnt select server and press ok on the walker client did u -.- and no.. ONLY game server proxy... just stick to the damn guide.. >.> u only proxy game server so the packet changer changes the packets from and to the server.
  3. intael , what system folder are u using? if ur using other system than mine cuz u play in other server than DN .. download my folder.. and copy all the .dat files from ur bakeice system to my system , but if ur using my system already .. dunno.. try to re download, or re extract.. it works fine with everyone who used it @tonmp THERE IS NO OTHER WAY that u get that error, unless u didn't log walker 1st....and make sure u log walker and press ok at the server...
  4. dude.. wtf u mean how walker knows the client is logged.. u log walker.. log bake ice.. go bake to walker.. select char.. how difficult is that? and remote server is walker client, all what l2fork does is catch the connection from walker,redirect it to a fake server (dragon 15x) ,and put it on hold.. waits for a game server connection connection made by bake ice, and redirects it to the fake server making walker connect to the server u logged on through bake ice.. and there is noway u get this error unless u didn't log walker -.-
  5. it is working.. and why ur talking like that smart ass -.- read the guide twice b4 u start making some of your "smart" comments.. now i see where you got -1 karma -.- @ hax0r , dunno bro.. never had this error b4... it weird.. maybe ur using vista or something? am using xp sp2 and never got it
  6. LOGIN WITH WALKER CLIENT BEFORE BAKE ICE!!! goddamit! how many times i have to say that.... and if u just look at the damn board you would've seen that there is already a topic i made about oog.... remote connections means walker client connection... READ BEFORE YOU POST!
  7. original script by adlerbr,item id is all i edited ;) http://rapidshare.com/files/127482115/use_enhanted_mana_Potions__dragon-network_servers_.SEC.html
  8. original script by adlerbr,item id is all i edited ;) http://rapidshare.com/files/127482115/use_enhanted_mana_Potions__dragon-network_servers_.SEC.html
  9. its already posted :> http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=27698.0
  10. eh.. my friend got the same thing... he logged an other empty account he got, and he got to char screen,so i logged his char with oog ,removed all eq,and moved him from his place... he was able to login normal after that , try that
  11. there is different tools,steps, ppl already got confused with 1st guide... so this is to keep ppl from getting confused about what tool to use on what
  12. here is how to log on OOG on bake ice servers. here is a video made by sltbnjr showing you how it works :D http://www.mediafire.com/?jx5mwbgynm3 IF YOU FOLLOWED THE GUIDE AND IT DIDN'T WORK FOR YOU PLEASE , READ THE FAQ AT THE END OF THE GUIDE! Tools Needed : 1- L2W OOG 10.7.4 ( the one am gonna explain) you can get that from : http://rapidshare.com/files/127435695/L2Walker_10.7.4.rar.html 2- L2asrv v0.51 you can get from : http://www.4shared.com/file/15793076/6bea6399/l2asrv_ver051.html thx to " AdlerBR " 3-Hosts file also by " AdlerBR " i ju
  13. use my system folder , and copy all the .dat files that is in your bakeice system folder to my folder.. should work
  14. not GK .. but ofc yes.. it can follow.. and thats from party settings > follow[select player]
  15. omg, works like a charm sltbnjr!! love ya man <3 how to log oog post coming up in abit ;D
  16. yes,somehow i keep on getting those errors every time i login..
  17. its the same sauron.. still can't manage to do anything in the game :s also same errors
  18. tried it , logged in and got to server's messages then i got a bunch of errors : ERROR! ---> Procedure: InputStream:ReadArray ---> Description: Not enough byted to read ERROR! ---> Procedure: ProccessClientMessage ---> Description: Type mismatch ERROR! ---> Procedure: InputStream:ReadArray ---> Description: Not enough bytes to read ERROR! ---> Procedure: ProccessClientMessage ---> Description: Type mismatch 743: Server disconnected Session removed : 743 i managed to see my items though =) PS:the character info [Com
  19. yes.. it does work, but sometimes the healer get confused if he's lower on hp than the % u set..and at the same time your low on hp... but most of the time it works =) you need to set it to heal itself from Basic> heal options > HP|MP Protect > select the 3rd option, and chose the heal type you want for party heals .. Party > Party Heal > and select anyone of the 1st 4 fields, and set the % ..then go to when []mem's hp <[]% use ..... this is great if u want to use balance life, or major group heal , unfortunately, u can only use one of both..cuz there is only 1 fi
  20. here is my trick :P download any boxes/chests patch for your client... run the game normal with walker..open up the walker at the spot your gonna open boxes at..then mons settings, uncheck attack from ALL,and spoil too,then go to information.. then monsters..and keep targeting each chest untill you target the right one ( you will see on your client which one you targeted :o ) you should see it ingame if its a chest or box, after you have chosen your box, right click on it from the information>mons menu and check on attack,uncheck everything else enjoy :P PS: you better have anot
  21. used rev 6 , couldn't stay for more than couple of seconds then i get error run time 9 something.. on patcher
  22. you must make the proxy in walker only gameserver proxy with ip and port : 2222 some how the token.exe i got aint working.. will give it few more tries.. EDIT: cant get token.exe to work right.. it either don't work at all or it works and i get an error saying "l2walker not found" ideas?
  23. thats my set.ini [DEFAULT] CountryList=Dragon 15x DefaultCountry=0 DefaultServer=0 DefaultCharacter=0 DefaultAccount= DefaultPassWord= [Dragon 15x] LoginServerIP= LoginServerPort=2107 ProtocolVersion=746 ServerList=Dragon 15x and here is what i get >.> 19:02:41 - Debug build 19:02:41 - Using Proxy: False 19:02:41 - Starting... SOCKS[1999] LOCAL[2106] OOG[2107] 19:02:50 - New local connection[2107] 19:02:51 - Local LS connection->Handle some how i can't get it to queue the game server connection.... i got l2fork,l2asrv,l2walker 1