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  1. it looks abit.. lame... dunno its just my opinion xD
  2. omg.. i would die without internet o.o and noone knows when the world "ends" its just lame to think that anyone could know..
  3. nice trick lol xD i used to just reboot my router x) ,ty :)
  4. omg ty man! ive been googling all around looking for html tuts links!! ur the best *.*
  5. true.. its alot more simple if u have 2 pc's.. cuz then u wont have to bother all the work on vmware x) and for the dude asking how to proxy the official client to walker client... u need to use any proxy program that uses SOCK v5 ... for example "Proxifier" use google on that one... and set it to use a SOCK v5 proxy with the walker's pc ip(u know where ur pc's ip at no? -.-) and the 1999 port and thats about it for the proxy part ,just remember that u need ur client to connect to ip ( and port (2106) hope that i helped :)
  6. meh.. i got everything set up.. but the damn vmware i dl'd is 6.4...cant find 6.5b anywhere ... i will try to look for it..and u can use ANY working interlude system folder as long as u set the ini to connect to the ip and port mentioned in the post... i will get the vmware and try on arena server asap :> thx again sltbnjr :)
  7. well.. i know mpj..i did look at it.. and it seems not so hard to make it work on a vmware...but he says the opposite x) , i just wanted to make sure ....and in his vid.. he used oog...but from the replies i've seen ,u can also use IG if u have a modified system right? and with modified.. meaning.. the exe and the l2.ini or.. am doing smth wrong here? cant try atm.. dn is down since yesterday..plus got an exam in an hour.. sorry if am asking stupid questions :P
  8. will u answer my questions above please? ty in advance
  9. with won't work alone u mean.. i will need wickedpatcher with it?or other tool? and pls tell me which :) i have that walker already.. but with that u mean only walker and the l2fork and the method u mentioned? unfortunately i don't have 2 pc's.. does this mean there is NO WAY to apply ur lil tut here...or it will be harder? i can do harder :) (i hope) xD and thank god there is still some good ppl in this world *.*
  10. sweet.. will use that till i get walker to work x)
  11. bah.. doesnt work on any server..tried like 3.. i think its a bug only at the server u play at.. maybe tell us where u play?
  12. ok, am downloading vmware atm(5 hours to go ) i just wanted to know.. is this for oog or ig?or works for both?
  13. maybe just tell us if u used tools? or simple edits in some files? and tell us what files if u would , plox *.*
  14. l2synergy is one of the servers that uses a launcher called :Bake Ice...this luncher is one of the best security systems to prevent l2walkers in general..am not pro in this shiit.. but ive been to over 10 forums to look for a way to bypass bake ice.. but nothing yet.. PS: i was fooling around with the bake ice thingy..i removed l2.ini and started it.. and i was able to log in game..so i think it doesn't even use l2.ini ,but how ever.. there was a LineageBK.dll was created after launching the bake ice launcher i dunno what it is.. but i think it uses it instead of the l2.ini..when this fil