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  1. olympiaki floga - piroklani xwrhs pareksigish :P
  2. patisa to link s, me eklepses anandra :P:P:P. Ego akoam ime low lvl (7). Miro oso gi afto p les ontos meta apo kamposo kairo ta variese.Den ine san to l2,wow,aion k tetiou style mmorpg alla na s po kapou kapou plaka exoun , pernas kapos tin ora s telos panton :).
  3. kita na s po server 4 iparxi, an tora dne pezi kai apla spai plaka ok np , sto kato kato den xano k tpt...
  4. hmm nice, file an boris (k den to exis kani idi :P) clickare na paro kana gold, an thes grapse to diko s link na patiso k ego gia na bgalis k esi tpt :)
  5. thnx HM5, signomi re vazelos, gt koroidevis? den ine kai ligoi aftoi p pezoun tetiou idous pexnidia k afou me to link kerdizis jabe pontous gold klp gt na min voithisi kapios emena kai ego afton an pezi paromio pexnidi?....
  6. noone is playing that style of games? and want to put his link to help him free?
  7. Just click the link and u ll help me a lot http://s2.gladiatus.gr/game/c.php?uid=96035 :D, its just a click, its just this simple haha :P Free is good and help is free SO help is good :) Everyone can post his url to help him :)
  8. as i know the server will open the early of the next month. But i cant w8 :D
  9. i have prob man i cant use it. I run my pc with the admin user named Stratos and i open metin2 but i cant use it is just say for an error. Do u know why? can u help me to use it?
  10. i think aion is something like l2 and wow.Have the good gameplay style of wow (move with W,A,D,S) u can jump also. But aion have and something like soulshots (this item have a text that says a reason why it gives this power not like l2 that is says nothing :P. With this i want to point that aion have something like stoyry like wow)u can enchant items,u can fly(i havent fly yey but i ll fly for sure :P) It is a new game with fantastic graphics(i like the terrain,the shadows,the animations of char. You can costumize your char.I mean that u can choose a hair between about 24, you can ma
  11. i try to open it and it have an error. why ? what must i do?