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  1. WTS hero char on l2.gr with full equip, more info on pm
  2. decent server, joined last season too
  3. @PlayINERA thanks for your answers. I played at your server 3 months. Best server I've played in the last couple of years, but you guys seems to find a solution to the problems "too late" and that's the reason i quitted. Anyway thanks for that season, hope you learned a lot. See you in the next season
  4. welcome back nekys, waiting for more info about your project (rly good developer and highly recommend that guy's project. I read about his work since he was online-games.gr moderator)
  5. WTS ADENA L2WORLD.EU - Stock 20b
  6. People were kinda cool the the whole "no botting thing" and active gms hunting for bots. One month down the process when the server lost the "top cps" gms simply ignored the bots. you could see the same bot train 24/7 at HB dessert and a douzin report for the same bot party on discord and guess what happened. nothing...
  7. well its kinda of dead, poor administration management concerning the bot policy made ppl leave
  8. so no more 10 ppl on... now 15 PPL ON< GO GO JOIN