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  1. SaveTimer is fake malicious. He commented to remove my topic of highlight. They have been hampering me since the publication of the C4. check the comment nine. savetimer it is probably a br, is this full of communist mind here at the brasil. Now I do not understand why. It seems that they have anger of brasilian that want escape from brasil. sorry but I was wanting to vent.
  2. About vang is true, but my file is purchased. I bought by antonio have files of license and he antonio bought from aginitium. I even sold it to some who did not want the leaked.
  3. Where did you see that I'm selling my c4, download this free active? He is an envious one, only knows publishes blunders and contribute in nothing. Looks like he make flooding course. Pack that mentioned is agnitium I want to see the courage to do something for 1 year and publish free here. I published 2 and has + 1 to be published.
  4. Jamba

    EN Vip me

    At least we have the best women. Click here for see your women link
  5. Jamba

    EN Vip me

    I think not have notion of what can be done with 15 euros kkk 3 Euros is 15 reais, imagine 15 kkk I hope maxtor pities me and swaps my nick
  6. Jamba

    EN Vip me

    Can someone pay me a vip? Or dd at my paypal Reason, I want change my nick for new "Kabaite", nick jamba is bizarre in brasil, depreciates my jobs. Authorized to exclude if it is inconvenient. Thank you donator.
  7. del/q/s *.log /q del/q/s *.use /q del/q/s *.winlog /q del/q/s *.err /q del/q/s *.act /q del/q/s *.bak /q del/q/s *.dmp /q del/q/s LinError.txt /q del/q/s L2AuthDError.txt /q Save file.bat
  8. Fixes Quest % high Tested Mods Protection I do not know, my extender no have Skill Sets passive skill any fixes Custom NPCs Drop All raid boss coin Event medal Spawn npc All town Event Coliseum Event custom raid boss teleport giram, is not 100% Ai.obj % Cleaning Bugs Report Raid boss = Locks 2 second Geodata-nextDev no 100% Skill Fades away restart cached Duration spent to do 1 year 6 months 6 hours per day In game Start in windows server 2003,2008 or 7 No have backdoor Download Servidor Donator 5$ paypal for e-mail vipcriativo.web@gmail.com