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  1. Jamba

    EN Vip me

    At least we have the best women. Click here for see your women link
  2. Jamba

    EN Vip me

    I think not have notion of what can be done with 15 euros kkk 3 Euros is 15 reais, imagine 15 kkk I hope maxtor pities me and swaps my nick
  3. Jamba

    EN Vip me

    Can someone pay me a vip? Or dd at my paypal Reason, I want change my nick for new "Kabaite", nick jamba is bizarre in brasil, depreciates my jobs. Authorized to exclude if it is inconvenient. Thank you donator.
  4. Eressea is master, code c++ beautiful , I'll learn seeing your code . Thank you
  5. College is depression, here in Brazil. Teachers say working at IMB, Intel blah blah blah and do not know what is console application. They call console of screen black kkkkkkkk My biggest dream is to learn English and to interact with you, because you have much to teach and I have much to learn. Study alone, best thing! Website for study http://www.allitebooks.com
  6. They were right kkk But in the Brazilian translation, it seems that they spoke in an angry way. But it's almost ready. I failied in the faculty discipline and I am curled up to finish and share. I will try to improve this layout, and also intend to make lots of money if you like of my style web :D Tranks you all, until later