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  1. ok ...thank you , i will try Keep the good work Have a nice day of week-end
  2. thx for the share, it is working good. the single part that is disturbing when mob's die they remain stuck on the dead target; if i use next target button it's targeting the dead mob :D ....when you will have some time to look at it, and tell how to get throu this. Thank you,
  3. Hello, can you give me the password  from  link :  



    Thx :D

    1. NevesOma


      Hello, be more active on MXC forum and you will get the password. :)

    2. didiciupi


      lol .... i don't have time atm for activiti .... i'm working a lot and not on IT domain .... i play l2 only  for me :D  it's my hoby.

      But i will try :D

    3. NevesOma


      Okey, no problem I can't give the password to the first person I meet.

  4. Like title says, I am looking to buy a sws char 40+ on Skelth server. Can be naked, male or female. leave pm with char name, lvl, and desired price in euro.
  5. Thank you for l2lige, but now i need a cp spammer that work on l2off ru. I search on google but noting is working ...
  6. Hello everyone. As the topic says I am looking for a trustworthy cp spammer for Lineage II - Gracia Final Chronicle, L2ruoff - Lira server, as well as for a custom way to view the different messages on my chat boxes (ex. highlight when a skills lands, ...when I make a crit ...etc). Since I am a noob in this area, I would very much aprreciate a detalied explanation on how to use/install them. Kind regards in advance.