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  1. i wanna making online sever. but i think this sourse blind external IP. Because when i set up, startlogging.bat run normal.
  2. what is incorrect in the picture man? gamesever run normal and login stil error. is a example.
  3. Dear All, I have some problem with this pack. When i config external IP and run startloginserver.bat is error. please healp me to fix it.
  4. i do not know and i dont know the way to fix it :okey:
  5. When I log out character, gameserver report java bug WARN database.mysql: Could not execute update 'REPLACE INTO character_variables (obj_id, type, name, value, expire_time) VALUES (?,'user-var',?,?,?)': com.mysql.jdbc.MysqlDataTruncation: Data truncation: Data too long for column 'value' at row 1 Can everyone help me fix it?
  6. L2 Eternal Soul is based on a well known pack which is loved from a big number of people. We took this pack and brought it to another level. Every small and bug or miss-working has been fixed. Furthermore we have applied more functions and features ready to satisfy even the most requiring player. We keep in mind that the thing keeping a server a fun place to play is to keep in touch with the players' momentum. Thats what our staff going to try for, communication is the key for everything. We'll try to answer everyone's question or petition almost in time. Our staff consists from a team based on real life trust, that means corruption has no way to grow up among us. Take a look on our features list. PvP Towns 1. Gludin Village Unlimited 2. Orc Village Unlimited We removed the PvP Limit so players can now easily get what they deserve when they fight for glory. Farming Zones 1. Cave of Trials: Newbie Zone farming spot. Drop lists have changed, drop rates have been increased so players can farm faster than any other time their starting gear. 2. Ruins of Despair: Solo Farming zone, semi-geared players can join this farming area while most of the monsters cant be killstealed. 3. Cemetery: High geared, Party farm zone. New drop lists, new rates. You should definately get a party and farm in Cemetery. Raid System Raid system in L2ES has been changed dramatically. 130 lv.85 Raidbosses are up with fresh and nice drops waiting for you and your friends to kill them Higher level Raids are implemented aswell most of them have no drops for now, but they will be indeed implemented on server's progress. Epic Raidbosses such as Lilith,Ember etc are still there with their Unique drops. AIO Item Wondrous Cubic, the All in one Item, has a new great interface. Miss-working functions have been fixed/removed and Sell Option has been added. Armors/Weapons/Jewels Retail S Grade Armors -> Masterwork S Grade Armors ->2 Tiers of Dynasty Armors -> Vesper Armors -> Titanium Armors -> Dread Armors -> Rykros Armors Retail S Grade Weapons-> PvP S Rare Weapons-> Dynasty Weapons-> S80 PvP Rare Weapons-> Vesper Weapons-> Titanium Weapons-> Unique Weapons -> S Epic PvP Weapons -> Dread Weapons Raidboss Jewels -> Dynasty Jewels -> Vesper Jewels -> Relic Boss Jewels -> Rare Jewels Automated Events We are using the Nexus Event Engine 3.0. We spent much time fixing most of the events, so this time you'll be able to join Zombies/Treasure Hunt event w/o annoying bugs around. Events will be running each every 3 hours. TvT, CtF, Domination, Mass Domination, Zombies, Treasure Hunt all will be playable. Even more the Siege Event engine has been upgraded including BALANCE HEALERS on each team. No more 5 healers in a single team and 0 for the opposite one. Feel free to try us and have some great time with us in L2 ES. Welcome! Main Website: Main Forum: Fanpage: Here
  7. TvT evet dont call when config correct time
  8. Event TvT, CTF dont work, can everybody fix it?