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  1. I dont know where to post this topic, But I tried last Ertheia system patch by l2encdec software. And It will say: Error: The system file may have been damaged. After ending the game, please check the file using the Lineage II auto update. BTW: Thanks for moving topic to right section
  2. Hello, I want to get some information how to patch system. I know.. there on internet is many patched systems, but I want to know how to do it? Someone can help me with patching official system?
  3. Heh, we still working on new items from GOD... so mobius about skills, items and zones is better than our pack. We started from Hi5, so we must do first stats parts.. That why we loking for new developers
  4. Hello, we are open Ertheia source project, free to download and using. We are based on L2jserver. We not using L2jTW server files ! Visit our forum for help us to resolve bugs. L2Overclock forum http://l2overclock.eu/ TIMELINE: click here for TIMELINE SVN: click here for SVN DOWNLOAD COMPILED PACK: http://www.4shared.com/rar/2F291BZVba/L2Overclock_E_PreBeta.html? Currently in download section is PRE-BETA compiled pack. We looking for developers to our project. Contacto on our Skype: ertheia.client
  5. Hello, Im looking for devs for open source project for Ertheia. We have done some features now, but still missing many features. That why we looking for new power ! Contact us on skype: ertheia.client We are based on l2jserver.com not l2jtw
  6. Hello, its possible to find any good developers to our team for Ertheia files? Contact us on Skype: ertheia.client
  7. Hello, I want to sell my services like developing of new quests, instances, custom Q and Instances, events. I can fix your errors and improve codes. Added me on skype: client.ertheia Thanks and see you later with my codes :)