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  1. Maxcheaters account : antwnhc
  2. Scammer . After some transactions he decided to start scamming people.
  3. Scammer Confirmed. I kinda knew it, anyway, some1 ban him :)
  4. pete1982 Scammer thing is i knew it, but anyway, lets say i wanted to play a lottery ticket. thank god amount was low. 2 days now w8ing for an item. I have whole conversation on skype if u need to. Just ban him before more people go to him
  5. Looking for summoner 58+ Noble 76+ would be better. Pm me found, lock it
  6. Selling Zaken's Earring Frintezza's Necklaze Queen Ant Ring Baium Ring Drac Set +3 IC Set +6 Major Arcana Set Demon Splinter +3 Focus Heaven's Divider Focus Arcana Mace +3 Acumen Lots of adena and Characters PM for more info Thanks :) few left! Bump
  7. After this, never replied or gave me anything. He just disappeared
  8. Hello. Looking for +16 amaranthine slasher Also +10 or more eternal leather armor. PM me
  9. i bought stuff and he never gave me. over 100 euro.. he logged out from everything and blocked me
  10. As title says 82 lvl titan with all subs Saint Spear Heavens Divider Tallum Heavy Set Pm here for more info SOLD