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  1. oh thats my picture from l2 global :D become famous
  2. i keep get this error any idea? History: UObject::execStructMember <- (InventoryWnd Transient.InventoryWnd @ Function Interface.UICommonAPI.ParamToItemInfo : 09B6) <- UUIEventManager::execParseInt <- UObject::ProcessEvent <- (InventoryWnd Transient.InventoryWnd, Function Interface.InventoryWnd.OnEvent) <- XMLUIManager::ExecuteUIEvent <- ID:2600, param:classID=21580 name=Olf's T-shirt iconName=BranchSys2.icon.7anni_shirt_i00 description=Olf's T-shirt Enchant Scroll. Can enhance up to +10 using Olf's T-shirt Enchant Scrolls. Increases Max CP by 744 and MP Regen by 0.2 whe enchanted to +4 or more. When enchanted to +10 it alsos increases all your Stats by 1 (STR, CON, DEX, INT, MEN, WIT). Cannot be exchanged or dropped. Can be stored in a private warehouse. itemType=1 serverID=269070284 itemNum=1 slotBitType=1 enchanted=10 blessed=0 damaged=0 equipped=1 price=0 reserved=-1 reserved64=0 defaultPrice=0 refineryOp1=0 refineryOp2=0 currentDurability=-1 currentPeriod=-9999 enchantOption1=0 enchantOption2=0 enchantOption3=0 relatedQuestCnt=0 weight=130 materialType=23 durability=-1 crystalType=0 armorType=0 avoidModify=0 physicalDefense=40 magicalDefense=0 mpBonus=0 ItemSubType=1 AttackAttributeType=-2 AttackAttributeValue=0 DefenseAttributeValueFire=0 DefenseAttributeValueWater=0 DefenseAttributeValueWind=0 DefenseAttributeValueEarth=0 DefenseAttributeValueHoly=0 DefenseAttributeValueUnholy=0 IsBRPremium=0 BR_CurrentEnergy=-1 BR_MaxEnergy=-1 Order=0 <- NConsoleWnd::AddInventoryItem <- ItemListPacket <- UNetworkHandler::Tick <- Function Name=ItemListPacket <- UGameEngine::Tick <- UpdateWorld <- MainLoop