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  1. Hello guys, I'm playing on l2 exilium server (https://www.exiliumworld.com/) and i tryed install deadz interface version 2.4 but i have some problem. I replace all the files it contains in the folders, I open the game normally, I type the password and the PIN, but when I start loading the game I get a critical error. I did the test with all the files, but it is when I replace the interface.u file that I have this problem. I'm attaching a photo of my problem for further understanding. I apologize if there is already a topic on this subject, it's that I'm new and I do not understand much about the forum. I also apologize for the lack of knowledge in the subject, I am a simple player, I only know how to play and I do not understand anything about programming. Who can help me, I thank you very much.