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  1. Hi, I would appreciate if someone could drop here a link to c6 modded patch with drop/spoil/colors/on screen messages and no frame mode (preferably in english). Rushing off to work so I have no time to search it for myself, apologies :(
  2. http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=74515.0 best tutorial in this forum imo, but u can't target/attack and i hope some1 will solve this problem
  3. K , now ig walker works and i did everything good, but i can't target/attack can someone help me ? :) i can see buffs, items, map etc. How i should setup settings http://www.ipix.lt/desc/55852846/ -.- im playing at rpg-club and walker works there 100% :|
  4. [DEFAULT] CountryList=USA;Taiwan;Japan;Korea;Thailand;SEA; DefaultCountry=0 DefaultServer=0 DefaultCharacter=0 DefaultAccount= DefaultPassWord= [Taiwan] LoginServerIP=auth.lineage2.com.tw LoginServerPort=2106 ProtocolVersion=83 ServerList=[01][°Í´Ä];[02][ýR¸ñº£ÌØ];[03][¿¨Òò];[04][ÀèšW¼{];[05][°¬Èð¿¨];[06][ÙZ˹͡];[07][µÛ·²°²ÖZ];[08][ÒôµÂÃ×˹];[09][Ì©°º];[10][·ðÌmÆ�];[11][ô”ÄÈ];[12][¿¨Ë¹Ìá];[13][°¬ÁÕ];[14][ʷ̹Èð˹];[15][Ù�Èð –];[16][ÙMɳ];[17][°¬ –¼{];[18][Ò®ÀJ�†];[19][ϯ¿Ï];[20][Ê·¿ýµÂ];[21][ܽÀïÆæšW];[22][ŠW·ÆÀû�†]; [uSA] LoginServerIP=L2authd.Lineage2.com Login
  5. hmm i select attack mobs in 600 range and i push end button my character should attack nearby mobs ? bcuz nothing happens. Can some1 post screenshots of your settings ? the only thing i can use is chat spamm ...
  6. Very nice dude :) You should hide it , because it wouldn't be great if any noob could use it -.- EDIT: do u have any hack which could boost my stats (str,stamina etc) and would work on 3.1.3?
  7. Where i can find this for 3.1.3 version?
  8. How can i create items with l2phx ? I target gm shop and send packet, after that i just got that item for example arcana mace , but also i lose my adena (1kkk). So how can i make item without losing my adena ?:D
  9. I start fighter fx (FFX) and launch cs, but when im connecting/connected to the server my cs auto closes wtf ? How to fix this ? Btw i using non steam EDIT: already know where the problem is, but how to again open that settings window ? I forgot to wrote -steam -game cstrike in hl parameters... now when i opening ffx it automaticaly opens game and i cant change the parameters
  10. This is offtopic section so i dont think that i will break any rule by posting this ::) click
  11. http://emaster.mybrute.com try this lol
  12. Also u can use this ''technique'' for another thing. When u almost moved to olympiad arena summon great wolf/ fenrir / strider and it will appear inside olympiad stadium with you :)
  13. Hmmm need to try this.Very nice share and with full explanation :)
  14. U need to remove all armors and start casting 4example victories of pagrio. Casting will be very slow about 10sec~ and u must fast go to arena where your friend fighting. VOP casting will be finished inside arena and your fr be buffed with VOP. Now return and use other buff and again and arena where ur friend fighting -.- U need be quick as possible.
  15. Yeah u must be in same cage with ol, if not u can just run to another when batle starts. Or fight near that cage where ol is , so he could restore your cp/hp and give buffs.
  16. Today i found another similar bug like this. If u want to use it ,client should be c6/hellbound (even dunno :D) and u should have a castle. With castle lords crown u get residential skill summon clan members, they can teleport near u when u activate teleport wortex.So hit this skill and fast click on 1st olympiad arena,portal will appear inside it and your clan members can go there through castle court manager. The point is clan vs 1 scared dude ... U will always win till u will be banned :) GL in olympiad 2 u and ofc 4 ur clan :D
  17. U will need friend who's OL high lvl. Tell him to take off all items which gives casting speed. Now you need to register to grand olympiad games and pm your friend when u will be inside arena. When u are teleported inside olympiad arena he must find in what arena you are fighting and for example he saw you in 1st arena. And from here we will start using buggz :o Your friend casts buff (vop,berseker,shield whatevah) and fast hits to observe 1st arena. Now he waits few secs when casting is finished and you get his buffs :) If some1 already posted this , just delete this topic.
  18. Installed and all my skills descriptions became in russian language...
  19. Yeaaaaah...Restarted and im at imperial tomb tp zone , so i guess this dont work on my server.
  20. It isn't bug...This sh1t workd in bfdr x100 , but it was admins programming mistake or smth. There is about 0.01% chance that this works somewhere.
  21. Link is invalid , can u post another ..?
  22. Maybe he speaks in forbidden language or smth .. didnt understood a word.