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  1. yeah I can log with oog, but cant target anything, what goes about IG, we cant get throught server list.
  2. Its so weird, I could today log with oog into the server, but I cant target mobs/npc/players....because I logged without the gameserver: port 1777 set up under settings, but if I try with this under settings I get error that I need to update the client... without the settings in walker : 10:49:18 Link LoginServer Succeed. 10:49:23 Login LoginServer Success. 10:49:23 上次登录服务器[01] 10:49:23 服务器[03]当前在线率:47.38%,能否登陆:能 10:49:29 Link GameServer Succeed. 10:49:34 Welcome to the World of Lineage II. 10:49:34 Seven Signs: The quest event period has begun. Speak with a Priest
  3. kiskisble ofc ur l2exe.ini got updated, u had the unprotected one in your system what goes about new anti-system, it goes like that....to some ppl IG walker works nomarly and to some oog. to me neither of em...sux
  4. For such a mess in the old topic I decided to make a new topic how to connect -> rpg club. whats new : new tpctunnel/WP663f Things you need: Proxifier: http://www.proxifier.com/download.htm ->Reg info : Company Name: nairepaok Registration Key: REY1P-89OAS-A8M5T-74QR1-MN2EE Botpack(IG+OOGWalker +patcher +TcpTunnel+l2.ini+unprotected l2.exe): www.megaupload.com/?d=PFATO96G or http://files.mail.ru/V3IBAL Use rpg-club updater to get original system and follow the steps bellow. 1- You need to copy the provided L2.exe and the L2.ini i
  5. www.shrani.si/?2O/dB/3M6SpxYv/untitled.png help me out then. heres how I got atm and im IG with oog, but cant target anything same goes for IG.
  6. Stop lying to yourself, I just did as the 1st post says and once I got into game I couldnt target mob/npc/player. <- IG and what goes for OOG, I logged into game normaly but I couldnt target same as with IG. My char was just standing there and wasnt attacking mobs even if I had policy > melee > range 10000 and stupid mobs were atking me normaly. sup ? what you gonna say now?
  7. Hello, does anyone know what could it be wrong if you cant target monsters/npc/players ?
  8. http://www.filefront.com/15966709/IG-walker-for-Interludo.rar/ there you go for all who cant see the link... unrar where ever you want... 1st run l2walker host.exe 2nd l2walker.exe --> find l2.exe location 3rd run l2asrv ( your antivirus will detect it as trojan, but its not just ignore the error or disable antivirus or just set so antivirus wont scan this file ) happy botting
  9. nop...its Hide this post: posts Hiding threshold(Max 1000) : 100